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The Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary has roots that date back more than a century to the establishment of the Normal School in Calgary in 1905. The Alberta Normal School, located at McDougall School, was the first program in in the new province to prepare primary and secondary school teachers.  In 1945, the Alberta Normal School became part of the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta. With the establishment of the University of Calgary in 1966, the Faculty moved to what is today the main campus of the University of Calgary. 

In 2013, the University of Calgary introduced the Werklund School of Education. Through a generous donation by David Werklund, a Canadian entrepreneur and industry leader, funding has been established for student scholarships, research support and teaching innovation as well as upgrades to technology and other resources which will allow the Werklund School of Education to take research and teaching and learning to the next level.

Education Today

As part of our academic strategic plan, the Werklund School of Education has set the following goals:

  • The graduates of our Bachelor of Education program will be known for their abilities to apply specialist knowledge to technology-rich, research informed learning environments. Our program will be a destination of choice for a diverse range of highly qualified students; through the development and implementation of various initiatives, we will improve the student experience and success, and we will target resources to develop teaching expertise within the School with an emphasis on teamed participatory approaches as we continue to develop program linkages with stakeholder groups. 
  • Our graduate programs will become a destination of choice for highly qualified graduate students though programs that are responsive, challenging, innovative and accessible.  We will develop and implement supports   that improve student experience and success; provide rigorous and challenging programs responsive to emerging needs; and continue to develop the teaching and supervisory expertise of the faculty.
  • Our researchers will be work in a culture of scholarship and we  will further support a network of School, University, national and international researchers.

Today, more than 130 academic and support staff and 2400 students work and study at the Werklund School of Education.  At the University of Calgary, research and course support is offered through the Doucette Library, the Taylor Family Digital Library, and Research Services.

There are more than 27,000 alumni of the Werklund School of Education that can be found in 148 countries around the world.

Programs and Degrees

The Werklund School of Education recognizes that teaching is one of the most important and challenging professions in society; therefore, a teacher should be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and deeply caring about the responsibilities associated with education. Our Undergraduate in Education program focuses on teachers as experts of learning in specializations for the elementary and secondary routes, field experiences linked to partner research schools, and integration across program components.

 We offer several pathways leading to the Bachelor of Education degree   including:

  • A two-year Consecutive (after-Degree) program in which students have the opportunity to specialize in Elementary or Secondary routes and focus their studies in a Teachable Subject Area;
  • A five-year concurrent degree program where students study not only in Education, but also one of the partnering faculties of Arts, Sciences or Kinesiology;
  • Beginning this summer, the four-year Community-Based BEd degree will be delivered in a blended environment with experiences on-campus as well as well as allowing students to take courses in or near their communities.

Our International Foundations Program (formerly English for Academic Purposes Program) supports students becoming academically proficient in English support and successful in their studies. IFP is set to grow and add new programs as an integral part of the University of Calgary’s commitment to international students.

The Werklund School of Education hosts the largest graduate studies program at the University of Calgary with over 1300 students enrolled in our Graduate Programs in Education. Providing a variety of on-campus, blended learning and fully online graduate programs to meet the learning needs and interests of all students, Werklund graduate students explore contemporary educational issues and conduct action research on innovative solutions.

Werklund’s graduate programs are diverse; from learning sciences and leadership to counselling psychology and adult education, from curriculum and learning to languages and literacy and school and applied child psychology; students can take advantage of expertise in research and instruction in all these specialization areas. Degrees offered include:

  • Master of Education (MEd)
  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Master of Counselling (MC)
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Doctorate of Education (EdD)

Leading Research

At the Werklund School of Education, research informs all of our programs. The work undertaken by academic staff and students into how we teach and how we learn provides a better understanding of the broad range of educational issues within our communities.

Our emphasis on research affords Werklund students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and preparation for professional roles in the fields of education and psychology, working closely with internationally recognized and respected researchers. For example, Dr. Jo Towers, the first Werklund Professor, focuses her research on working to understand where and how personal relationships with math are established. Dr. Shibao Guo’s work on the barriers to professional employment for immigrants has connections with the local and international communities.  Doctoral student Luciano da Rosa dos Santos is studying online education with an emphasis on developing and increasing the capacities of teachers. Dr. Marlon Simmons has joined the Werklund School of Education as a postdoctoral scholar studying governance of the self in the context of schooling and education. Our undergraduate students present research too.  Over 20 of our students presented at the Western Canada Student Teacher Conference.