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Dianne Gereluk received her doctorate of philosophy at the Institute of Education, University College London in 2004. She was a senior lecturer at Roehampton University, London England, from 2003-2009. Upon returning to Alberta, Dianne Gereluk served as Chair of Leadership, Policy and Governance specialization at the University of Calgary from 2011-2013. From 2013-2018, Dianne Gereluk served as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs in Education at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.

Dr. Gereluk is author of Education and Community (Continuum, 2006), Symbolic Clothing in Schools (Bloomsbury, 2008), Education, Extremism and Terrorism (Bloomsbury, 2012), Questioning the Classroom: Perspectives on Canadian Education (Oxford University Press, 2016 co-authored with Christopher Martin, Bruce Maxwell, and Trevor Norris), and Understanding School Choice in Canada (University of Toronto Press, 2016, co-authored with Lynn Bosetti). Her edited book with Michael Corbett, Rural teacher education in Canada: connecting land and people (Springer)will be published in 2019.

Dr. Gereluk’s work has been published widely in the Guardian, Times Higher Education, National Post, The Independent, and other academic and professional journals. She speaks regularly on CTV, CBC, and Alberta Primetime on politically sensitive topics in schools and education.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dianne Gereluk’s research examines normative aspects of educational policy and practice specifically related to politically contested and controversial issues in education. An overarching philosophical focus examines how educators can create the conditions for more robust political deliberation in an increasingly polarized civil society. Her work has also looked at political controversies in schools such as gun violence, gender and sexual identity, and youth radicalization. For over fifteen years, Gereluk has been a prominent spokesperson on the issue of dress code policies in schools, in North America and Europe. More recently, Gereluk has examined just preconditions for equity and access for rural schooling in Canada, and on the notion of well-being in higher education.

Current Projects:

  • Field Experience Assessment and Teaching Quality Standards,
    Alberta Education
    with Amy Burns
  • Pre-service teachers at risk: intervention strategies by and for teachers
    Alberta Advisory Committee for Educational Studies,
    with Amy Burns

  • Indigenous Languages Revitalization Pathways in Teacher Training
    Alberta Education
    with Yvonne Poitras Pratt, Patricia Danyluk, Amy Burns, and Darin Flynn


PhD (Educational Policy and Foundations) 2004
Institute of Education, University of London

MA (Educational Policy) 1999
University of Calgary

BEd (Secondary) 1994
University of Alberta

Graduate Supervision

Principal Advisor

2016 – present Gina Ko: The Experiences of Immigrant and Refugee Youth in a Leadership Program
2015 – present Terumi Taylor: Women’s Perceptions of Mentorship in a Saudi Arabian Post-Secondary context
2015 – present Lois Fearon: Integrating Sustainability into Business School Curriculum
2015 – present Rachael Edino: Nigeria’s capacity to meet the Millennium Development Goals for primary school enrolment
2013 – present Fouzia Usman: Inclusive Education Policy in Dubai
2012 – 2015 Greg Bass: The Effectiveness of Enabling Transformational Change Across a School District
2011 - 2016 Sukhi Singh: A Critical Discourse Analysis on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
2010-present Walter Lee: Factors Affecting Students who Transfer from Private Career Colleges to Degree Programs in University
2011-2013  Merlin Thompson: Authenticity, Teaching Relationships and Suzuki
2011-2014 David Kelly: Constructing the Image of the Child in a Reggio Inspired Charter School
2010-2013 Susan Boddie: Existentialism and Vocal Instruction in Higher Education

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dianne Gereluk has provided service and leadership to the Werklund School of Education and University of Calgary since her arrival in 2011.   She was Chair of the Educational Leadership Specialization from 2011-2013 before being appointed as Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs in Education from 2013-2018.  She served as a member of the executive cabinet for the University of Calgary United Way Campaign from 2014-2017. At the provincial level, she was a member of the Teacher Education Certification Committee (Alberta Teachers’ Association) from 2013-2018, and executive committee member of the Alberta Education Workforce Planning Committee from 2013-14.  She has served in numerous capacities over her academic career with the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, Philosophy of Education Society (USA), and the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.  She has served the broader community as a mentor with CRIEC/Bow Valley College Mentoring Collaborative, Center for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement, and for the Calgary Immigrant Services for Professional Immigrant Women.



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Selected peer reviewed articles:

Gereluk, D. (in press, 2018). Flourishing and well-being in the academy: a capabilities approach. Philosophical Inquiry in Education.

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Recent professional articles:

Gereluk, D. & Burns, A. (2018). Community-Based Teacher Education: addressing the rural teacher shortage and turnover. Education Canada.

Gereluk, D. (2018). It’s time to address the hidden agenda of school dress codes. The Conversation. Republished in National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Independent (Cape Town, South Africa), Raw Story, Hamilton Spectator Halifax Chronical herald, The Good Men Project.

Gereluk, D., Kowch, E., & Thompson, M. (2016). The Alberta Public Charter School System: Moving beyond secret gardens. Education Canada.

Gereluk, D. (2015). Teacher education in 2030: What will be different? ATA Magazine, March 4, 2015.

Gereluk, D., Kowch, E., & Thompson, M. (2014). The impact, capacity and adaptability of the Alberta Public Charter School System: Final research report. Calgary: TAAPCS. Pp. 185


  • Canadian Association of Foundations in Education, Publication of the Year Award, 2017 – Book publication of the year awarded to the book, Understanding School Choice in Canada (University of Toronto Press, 2016). Co-authored with Lynn Bosetti.
  • Leadership Excellence in Education Award, Werklund School of Education, 2016 – awards one Leadership in Education Award annually to an academic staff member who demonstrates outstanding leadership and commitment to improving teaching and learning experiences in the School and in the profession.
  • U Make a Difference Award, University of Calgary, 2015 – acknowledges outstanding contributions to the university’s vision, and recognizes individuals and teams who exemplify excellence and the ability to reach above and beyond the expected to “Make a Difference” in the university community.
  • University of Calgary Teaching Award for Curriculum Development, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning 2015 – recognizes the teaching excellence of any combination of academic or non-academic colleagues who contribute as a team to the creation or revitalization of a curriculum at the program level. Awarded to the Bachelor of Education program.
  • Spencer Foundation, 2014: awarded to examine the rise of gun violence in schools. Special issue on gun violence was published in Educational Theory, 2015.
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK 2007 – awarded to academics based on significant experience in the areas of professional activity, awareness of pedagogical issues and integration of scholarship, research and/or professional activities with teaching and supporting learning.
  • Stanford Academic Scholarship (Spencer Foundation), 2003 – awarded a full scholarship to attend the Stanford/Illinois Institute in Philosophy of Education for advanced PhD doctoral students.
  • Overseas Research Scholarship Award (Higher Education Funding Council for England), 2001 - 2003 – full international bursary awarded to international postgraduate students based on outstanding merit and research potential.

Media Work

  • “It’s time to address the hidden agenda of dress code policies”. Global News Radio 770 CHQR. August 28, 2018.
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  • ‘Uniform dissent’, October 7, 2007, Guardian newspaper, London, UK.
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