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Gregory Lowan-Trudeau

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Gregory Lowan-Trudeau, PhD, is originally from Moh-kíns-tsis (Calgary) in the Treaty 7 region. He is of Métis, Norwegian, and Swiss descent with family roots across the prairies and eastern woodlands. Early childhood experiences on the land, encouraging role models, and exposure to cultural teachings inspired Dr. Lowan-Trudeau's interest in Indigenous science and environmental education. Previously a SSHRC and Killam doctoral scholar, he worked and studied with a variety of school, community, and land-based educational organizations across Canada and internationally prior to joining the Werklund School of Education. Dr. Lowan-Trudeau has also served as Contract Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University as well as Assistant and subsequently Adjunct Professor in the Department of First Nations Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. He is currently an Editor of the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Lowan-Trudeau’s research and teaching interests include Indigenous environmental education, health, justice, and activism; renewable energy development in Indigenous communities; Critical media literacy and engagement; Japanese ecological knowledge and philosophy; and critical, interpretive, and Indigenous research methodologies.

Current and Recently Completed Projects

  • Exploring Media Perspectives on Indigenous Environmental Issues in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis

         Funding: Fulbright Canada Visiting Research Chair, University of California at Santa Barbara, 2019-20 

  • Renewable Energy Education Reconsidered: Exploring Sociocritical and Indigenous Perspectives in Alberta and Beyond

            Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant 

   Funding: SSHRC Insight Development Grant



PhD Educational Contexts, University of Calgary
Focus: Intercultural Indigenous Environmental Education

MEd (Thesis) Educational Studies, Lakehead University
Focus: Land Based Indigenous Education 

BEd (1st Class) Environmental Science Education (OE3), Lakehead University
Minor: Health and Physical Education

BKin Kinesiology, University of Calgary


Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Lowan-Trudeau offers his support formally and informally to a number of academic, professional, and community organizations. He regularly acts as a reviewer with a wide range of academic and professional journals, organizes and participates in conferences and community events, and partners with local educators and organizations in research and educational initiatives.

Selected Publications

Books and Special Journal Issues

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2019). Protest as pedagogy: Teaching, learning, and Indigenous environmental movements. New York: Peter Lang.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. & Niblett, B. (Eds.) (2017). Special Issue: Activism and environmental education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 22.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2015). From bricolage to métissage: (Re)thinking intercultural approaches to Indigenous environmental education and research. New York: Peter Lang.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2018). Indigenous methodologies revisited:Métissage, hybridity, and the Third Space in environmental studies. In B. Grimwood, K. Caton, L. Cooke (Eds.), New moral natures in tourism (pp. 181-193). New York: Routledge International.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2018). From reticence to resistance: Understanding educators’ engagement with Indigenous environmental issues in Canada. Environmental Education Research. [Online First]

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2017). Narrating a critical Indigenous pedagogy of place: A literary métissage. Educational Theory67(4), 509-525.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2017). Indigenous environmental education: The case of renewable energy projects. Educational Studies: A Journal of the American Educational Studies Association. 0(0), 1-13. [Online First]

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2017). A rose by any other name: Repressive tolerance, burnout, and hope in the New West. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 51-71.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2017). Gateway to understanding: Indigenous ecological activism and education in urban, rural, and remote contexts. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 12(1), 119-128. DOI: 10.1007/s11422-016-9746-4

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2017). Protest as pedagogy: Exploring teaching and learning in Indigenous environmental movements. Journal of Environmental Education, 48(2), 96-108.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2015). Teaching the tension: Indigenous land rights, activism, and education in Canada. Education Canada, 55(1), 44-47.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2014). Considering ecological métissage: To blend or not to blend? Journal of Experiential Education, 37(4), 351-366 [originally published online first Dec. 18, 2013].

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2013). Indigenous environmental education research in North America: A brief review. In R. Stevenson, M. Brody, J. Dillon & A.E.J. Wals (Eds.), International Handbook of Environmental Education Research (pp. 404-408). New York: Routledge & The American Educational Research Association.

Lowan, G. (2012). Expanding the conversation: Further explorations into Indigenous environmental science education theory, research, and practice. Cultural Studies in Science Education, 7, 71-81.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2012). Methodological métissage: An interpretive Indigenous approach to environmental education research. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 113-130.

Recent Media Engagement

Photograph of Gregory Lowan-Trudeau
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