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Gregory Lowan-Trudeau

  • Assistant Professor

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Dr. Lowan-Trudeau is a Métis scholar and educator originally from Calgary who was happy to return to join the Werklund School of Education in 2013. Childhood journeys on the lakes, rivers, trails, mountains, coastal waters and beaches of the West, exposure to cultural teachings, and family stories inspired him to pursue a career as a land-based science and environmental educator. Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Lowan-Trudeau has combined academic study with professional practice and travel across Canada and around the world. Most recently, he was an assistant professor of Indigenous environmental studies in the Department of First Nations Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. Dr. Lowan-Trudeau has also lectured in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University and worked with learners of all ages through a wide range of educational organizations.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Lowan-Trudeau’s research and teaching interests include land-based education; Indigenous science and environmental education; traditional ecological knowledge and philosophy; community and environmental planning; the relationship between pedagogy and activism; Métis languages, histories, and cultures; Japanese ecological knowledge and philosophy; métissage; and interpretive and Indigenous research methodologies.

Current Projects:

  • Protest as Pedagogy: Exploring Ecological Activism in Indigenous Contexts Funding: U of C VPR Starter Grant, U of C SSHRC Enhancement Grant
  • Considering Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Culturally Complex Contexts: A Multi-Stage Research Initiative
    Funding: SSHRC & Killam Doctoral Fellowships (past), UNBC (past) & U of C Start-Up Grants


PhD Intercultural and Indigenous Environmental Education
University of Calgary

MEd (Thesis) Land Based Indigenous Education
Lakehead University

BEd (1st Class) Outdoor, Ecological, and Experiential Education
Lakehead University

BKin Kinesiology
University of Calgary

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Lowan-Trudeau offers his support formally and informally to a number of academic, professional, and community organizations. He regularly acts as a reviewer with a wide range of academic and professional journals, organizes and participates in conferences and community events, and partners with local educators and organizations in research and educational initiatives.

  • Consulting Editor, Journal of Environmental Education
  • Member, International Advisory Panel, World Environmental Education Congress
  • Advisory Editor, Canadian Journal of Environmental Education
  • Member, Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication
  • Member, North American Environmental Education Association


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Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2013). Considering ecological métissage: To blend or not to blend? Journal of Experiential Education. DOI: 10.1177/1053825913511333

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2013). Indigenous environmental education research in North America: A brief review. In R. Stevenson, M. Brody, J. Dillon & A.E.J. Wals (Eds.), International Handbook of Environmental Education Research (pp. 404-408). New York: Routledge & The American Educational Research Association.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2013). Navigating the wilderness between us: Exploring ecological métissage as an emerging vision for environmental education in Canada [Thesis Synopsis]. Environmental Education Research, 19(2), 253-254.

Lowan, G. (2012). Expanding the conversation: Further explorations into Indigenous environmental science education theory, research, and practice. Cultural Studies in Science Education, 7, 71-81.

Lowan-Trudeau, G. (2012). Methodological métissage: An interpretive Indigenous approach to environmental education research. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 113-130.


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