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Krista Francis

  • Assistant Professor


Dr. Francis’ educational background is in Science, Mathematics and Educational Technology. She graduated with a B. Sc. In Geology and went on to study Actuarial Science.  She completed a Masters of Education in from Athabasca University. After her masters she worked as a multi-media online course developer at SAIT.    During her PhD in Education Technology at the University of Calgary, she was awarded the Gallagher Galileo Research Fellowship (2006).  She continued with the Galileo for the remainder of her PhD helping with research and teacher professional learning of mathematics and technology.  After graduation, she was an assistant professor at St. Mary’s University College in the Bachelor of Education program.  Dr. Francis joined Werklund School of Education in 2012.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Francis’ research focuses on STEM knowledge for teaching, technology integration for learning, and teacher professional learning of teachers. Related to this work is studying and designing learning environments, particularly how teachers and students learn in those environments.

Current Projects:

  • Early Years Spatial Reasoning funded by IOSTEM


University of Calgary

Athabasca University

BSC, Geology
University of Alberta

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Francis’ interest in teacher professional learning of mathematics has lead her to collaborate with University of Calgary Partner Research Schools, including the Calgary Science School and Westmount Charter.  She is a member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Canadian Mathematics Educators Study Group (CMESG). Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), ASCD (formerly Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology and American Educational Research Association (AERA).


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Photograph of Krista Francis

Curriculum Vitae

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