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1.  What is the program admissions process?

All complete application files are reviewed by academic faculty members in Graduate Programs in Education (GPE).  The academic Admissions Committee, chaired by the Associate Dean of GPE, with membership composed of the Graduate Program Directors of GPE and Specialization Chairs, meet and make decisions regarding offers of admission to all graduate programs in GPE.

2.  How are the decisions made?

Admission to GPE programs is highly competitive. Selection is based not only on Grade Point Average (GPA), but also on factors such as the ability to match students' research interests with faculty members', faculty members capacity to supervise, strength of references of the applicant, and the applicant's personal statement and experience.

3.  When and how will I be notified if I have been accepted into the program?

All applicants will be notified by e-mail regarding the results of the program application. Normally, you can expect the decision on admission 10 - 12 weeks after the admission deadline for the program you have applied to.

4.  Do I need to approach a faculty member in order to secure a supervisor before entering program?

Prospective students in thesis-based program may seek advice from faculty members whose research interests align with their own.  Thesis-based students who are recommended to program are assigned an academic supervisor by the Graduate Program Director, as part of the admissions process. Upon admission, the supervisor, in consultation with the student, plans the first stages of their respective programs and is responsible for approving program requirements. 

Students in course-based programs are not assigned a supervisor.