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Curriculum and Learning

What is the Curriculum and Learning specialization?

Graduate students in Curriculum and Learning will have opportunities to understand how interpretive disciplines in curriculum and emergent theories of learning offer meaningful, critical, and transformative ways of thinking about schooling, knowledge, research, teaching/learning, and the nature of pedagogical relationships. In EDCL, curriculum and learning encompass issues of content, context, and teaching in both formal and non-formal educational settings. Learn more.

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Program Activities


Running with Hermes: Imagining and traversing a trans/cultural curriculum path in the post-secondary early childhood education classroom
E. Lisa Panayotidis, Bjartveit, Carolyn

Doctrinal disciplining of queer educators in Canadian Catholic schools
Tonya Callaghan

Women in higher education, 1850-1970: International Perspectives
E. Lisa Panayotidis, Paul Stortz

Collaborative writing as an exercise of poetic resistance in teacher education
Darren Lund, E. Lisa Panayotidis & Jo Towers

A matter of acceptance: Why gay-straight alliances are essential
Tonya Callaghan & Suzette Mayr

Practicing palimpsest: Layering stories and disrupting dominant western narratives in early childhood education
Bjartveit, Carolyn, E. Lisa Panayotidis

Provoking conversations on inquiry in teacher education
Darren Lund, E. Lisa Panayotidis, Hans Smits & Jo Towers

Pointing to Shaun Tan’s The Arrival and re-imagining visual poetics in research
Bjartveit, Carolyn, E. Lisa Panayotidis

You know you love me: Gossip Girl fan videos and the amplification of emotion
Catherine Burwell

Considering ecological métissage: To blend or not to blend?
Gregory Lowan-Trudeau

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Student Profiles & Alumni

Julie Nicolle

Julie Nicolle

Desire for life-long learning brings Calgary teacher back to the classroom

Tanya Surette

Tanya Surette

Tanya Surette is pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Learning

University of Calgary

Jodi Latremouille

Jodi Latremouille is pursuing a Phd in Curriculum and Learning

University of Calgary

Kim Grant

Teachers' Images of Good Teaching: An Interpretive Inquiry

W. John Williamson

W. John Williamson

W. John Williamson completed a PhD in interpretive studies

Werklund alumna awarded for dedication to environment

Polly Knowlton Cockett

Werklund alumna awarded for dedication to environment

Justina Law

Justina Law

Werklund graduate student wins teaching award

University of Calgary

Carolyn Bjartveit

The Space-in-between: Ontology and the Place of Curriculum in the Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Education (ECE) Post-Secondary Classroom

Degrees Offered




MEd Interdisciplinary
- Advancing Healthy & Socially Just Schools & Communities (Blended) - 2017
- Early Childhood Education - 2017
- Advancing Healthy & Socially Just Schools & Communities - 2016
- Roots of Classroom Inquiry - 2016
- Transcultural Curriculum in Early Childhood Education - 2016

Program Goals

Educational Studies in Curriculum and Learning will:

lead research in curriculum, teaching, and learning within and across the disciplines;

educate teachers and other professionals in and for a diverse world; and

participate in creating ethical and ecologically sustainable educational systems.

Research Clusters

Arts, Activism, and Advocacy

Embodiment, Environment, and Ecology

Career Options

Our graduates have attained academic and administrative positions in universities and post-secondary institutions, positions as curricular consultants, directors and senior administrators in both public and private education systems, and leadership positions in community and non-governmental agencies.


Students will explore contemporary themes of curriculum and learning, including issues of globalization, gender, culture, and power, traditions of wisdom, ecology in education, the centrality of the arts, and the ideas and practices of social justice, examined from social, cultural, historical, political, discursive, ecological and other interpretive perspectives.