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All in-program graduate students in the Werklund School of Education are automatically subscribed to edgradstudents-l listserv by the GPE office, upon successful admission to the program. This listserv is used exclusively for official communications from the GPE office, including deadlines, course availability, and other important announcements. It is strongly recommended that you do not unsubscribe from this list, as this is often the only way that GPE will distribute this official information.

In order to maintain the integrity of the listserv, we will generate a new list of all active students at the beginning of each term. Graduate students who have convocated will be automatically removed from the listserv through this process. If you wish to remain an active member of this listserv after completing your degree program please contact

For additional information regarding edgradstudents-l listserv, please contact Pat Braul, Manager, Graduate Programs in Education, at

Subscribe to the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) listserv at to receive the online weekly newsletter for graduate students called GSA News. 

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