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Planning your Program

All graduate programs are governed by the rules and regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In the case of any conflict, regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar take precedence over materials on this website.

The Graduate Programs in Education website offers a detailed overview of degree programs, program topics and specializations.  Please refer to the relevant sections for questions about program requirements, required and elective courses, research interests of faculty members and additional information on each program page.  Students in degree programs work with a faculty supervisor to create a program that suits their unique experience, needs and interest.  Students may seek specific information about program procedures and timelines from their graduate program administrator in the GPE office. 

Normally, students’ supervisors are the first point of contact in planning their Master’s or Doctoral program.


Students pursuing a thesis-based degree, i.e., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD), Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MSc), will work with their supervisor to design the course component of the program suitable to their research endeavours. Students who are pursuing one of the EdD programs will work with their supervisor, as they progress through their program.

Students pursuing a course-based degree, i.e., Master of Education (MEd), or a course-based (non-degree) program, i.e., Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate, must complete their courses in a prescribed sequence. Students in the MEd program will enrol in courses according to their program guidelines.  The student may seek the advice of the Coordinator or graduate program director (GPD) with respect to course choices, program concerns should they arise. Students in the Master of Education, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs do not have an assigned supervisor, and have their prescribed course selection approved by the coordinator or graduate program director. 

Faculty supervisors, Specialization Chairs, Graduate Program Directors, and the Associate Deans of GPE and Professional Programs, work together to ensure that programs and timetables are planned as effectively as possible to meet students’ needs.

Graduate program administrators (GPAs), also known as student advisors, are available in the Office of Graduate Programs Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to assist students with more information regarding their programs. You may wish to phone in advance for an appointment, 403.220.5675. We welcome your visits, calls and emails. Please see the Contact Us page for details about how to get in touch with your graduate program administrator.

Timetables and Course Outlines

The Master Timetable, which contains the list of our courses, is available through the myUofC Portal. However, we strongly recommend that students consult their program tracking sheet (course based students) or the program templates (thesis-students) for more up-to-date course information.

Normally, Timetables for Fall/Winter terms are available by May 15; Spring/Summer after January 20.  Course outlines will be posted on the GPE website as soon as available.