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A student who withdrew or was withdrawn from program and wishes to be readmitted to the program must apply for readmission to the graduate program, with submission of transcripts for any academic work done since departure and a fee of $180.  

For readmission to Graduate Programs in Education students are required to provide a letter requesting readmission and a timeline detailing the remaining program requirements and when each will be completed.  This document is to be uploaded to the applicants student centre after submission of the online application.

Students must also provide two relevant letters of reference.

If the student has taken courses at any post-secondary institutions since withdrawing from program he/she must submit updated official transcripts.  

There is no guarantee of readmission for any student.

Deadlines for applications for Readmission are concurrent with all degree application deadlines, i.e. PhD degree, December 1 or MEd Specialist, February 1.  Please see the deadlines table at the How to Apply page.

For more information please visit the Facutly of Graduate Studies Calendar page for Readmission.