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Course Registration

The online Student Centre located within the myUofC provides a convenient online venue for students to register for courses and also to manage their university affairs from the comfort of their own home!

Through myUofC, eligible students* can access the online Student Centre and complete their registration, add a course, drop a course, change section of existing course, view courses and fee assessments, withdraw from a course, retrieve tax receipt information, obtain final grades, apply to graduate, etc.

Generally students can register in late May for Fall and Winter courses and in February for Spring and Summer courses. Each student’s ID number, required for registration, is noted in their acceptance letter. 

A course may be added or dropped before a certain deadline date for that session, and no record of the course will appear on the student's transcript and tuition fees will not be charged.  However, after the deadline date, a course may not be added or dropped online. Any course changes after registration deadlines must be done manually on a Change of Registration form, available through the GPE office.

GPE students are strongly encourage to follow step-by-step the customized Registration Instructions guide.

Withdrawal from a course can take place until the last day of classes for that term, but the course will appear on the student's permanent record with a "W" for "withdrawal" and tuition fees will not be refunded.

Annual Registration / Registration Initialization

Every in-program graduate student must re-register on an annual basis using the online Student Centre, even if they are not taking any courses. Failure to do so will mean an automatic resignation from the program, requiring the student to re-apply for admission and/or engendering additional levies of fees. Complete your annual registration by completing the steps outlined in the Registration Initialization document.

In the process of completing annual registration, students in course-based programs must choose part-time or full-time status. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures section for information regarding this selection.

Thesis-based students are also required to submit an Annual Progress Report at this time.

There are normally three types of FGS registrants in GPE:

  • Fall Registrants: 12-month registration period beginning in September must re-register by August 1
  • Spring Registrants: 12-month registration period beginning in May must re-register by April 1
  • Summer Registrants: 12-months registration period beginning in July must re-register by June 1.


*Contact the GPE Office if unable to complete your registration before the fee deadline date.