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Student-Supervisor Relationships

Graduate Supervision and Examination:

The Werklund School of Education values exemplary graduate supervision. An exemplary Graduate Supervisor demonstrates engaged mentoring of graduate students through regular meetings and research training aimed at promoting excellence in research and scholarship. The Distinguished Graduate Supervision Award is offered annually to recognize significant contributions to graduate mentorship and high quality graduate supervision. 

Graduate Programs in Education Council has created guides and rubrics to support graduate students and graduate supervisors in their scholarship. The Faculty of Graduate Studies also provides a range of policy, resource and supervisor development links on its Graduate Supervision website. In the list below, we provide direct links to resources that every supervisor and student should have in their toolkit:

For graduate students:

For supervisors and examiners:

Werklund School of Education Candidacy guidelines:

In response to new Faculty of Graduate Studies Candidacy Regulations (effective Sept 1, 2014), each graduate program at the University of Calgary was tasked with establishing its own Candidacy Requirements within the framework outlined in FGS Policy. Candidacy must be completed within 28 months from the program start date. Graduate Programs in Education Council (GPEC) approved the following Werklund School of Education guidelines which were approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in August 2015. All students admitted as of September 1, 2015 fall under the new procedure.

Candidacy Criteria documents:
Stage 2: Field of Study

Stage 3:  Research Proposal

Werklund School of Education Candidacy Forms

Students admitted prior to September 1, 2015 have the choice of the candidacy procedure in effect at the time of admission, or they can elect to use the new procedure.  Please click here to review the guidelines in use prior to September 1, 2015.

Werklund School of Education Guidelines for a Manuscript Based Thesis

In consultation with their Supervisor, students may choose to compose their theses using the traditional thesis style or the manuscript-based thesis style. A manuscript based thesis is intended to provide an alternate format for those students who are both inclined toward and adept at writing articles for peer review and publication.  A manuscript based thesis is a coherent and organized document that contains a related set of papers judged to be publishable, of which the student is the sole author and/ or the first co- author, and which adheres to the Manuscript Thesis Guidelines (See Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar) and meets the criteria specified in the Werklund School of Education Guideline, approved April 2016.