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English Language Requirements

Pathways for Engineering

If you have been accepted to the Schulich School of Engineering but you don't meet the English requirements, you can concurrently attend your academic program and English language courses in the first and second year of study through Pathways for Engineering.

The following test scores are required to meet the English language proficiency for admission to Pathways for Engineering:

TOEFL 72-85      IELTS 6.0

Program Requirements

Pathways for Engineering

Students seeking admission to Pathways for Engineering must meet all academic requirements as outlined here in order to be considered:


Pathways for Engineering

All students are required to pay tuition fees, as well as general and related fees. For more information about fees and how to pay your fees please visit:

For the Schedule of Fees (what your tuition and general fees will be) please view the Fee Chart:


Pathways for Engineering

The deadline to apply to Pathways to Engineering: March 1, 2017. For more information regarding application dates and deadlines please visit:

Last modified date: February 9, 2017