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English Language Requirements

IFP Preparation for Nursing (Formerly Open Studies)

If you do not yet meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement for admission to Nursing, you can study in IFP Preparation. After you successfully complete IFP Preparation, you can apply to the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary.

NOTE: Students must successfully complete Tier 3 courses in IFP Preparation with a minimum grade of B in each of IFPX 290, 293 and 297. Applicants must also present an additional speaking test with a minimum score of 23 on speaking component of the TOEFL iBT or a 3+ on the MELAB Speaking Test.

Program Requirements

IFP Preparation for Nursing (Formerly Open Studies)

Students wanting to use IFP Preparation to complete their English Language Proficiency (ELP) for admission to Nursing must complete this requirement prior to application deadlines for Nursing in order to be considered. Students seeking admission to Nursing using IFP Preparation* for ELP must meet all academic requirements as outlined here in order to be considered:

*NOTE: All students wanting to apply to Nursing who require IFP Preparation are strongly encouraged to contact the IFP office well in advance of degree application deadlines. This is necessary to make sure that students have adequate time to completely satisfy their English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement prior to application deadlines. Students should complete this requirement within 8-12 months of applying for their degree program in Nursing.


IFP Preparation for Nursing (Formerly Open Studies)

All students are required to pay tuition fees, as well as general and related fees. For more information about fees and how to pay your fees please visit:

For the Schedule of Fees (what your tuition and general fees will be) please view the 2015/2016 Fee Chart:


IFP Preparation for Nursing (Formerly Open Studies)

Application deadlines for Nursing:

Application deadlines for IFP Preparation for Nursing

Students can begin studies in IFP Prep in Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer Terms

International Application Deadlines:
Fall: June 1
Winter: October 1
Spring/Summer: February 1

Canadian/Permanent Resident Application Deadlines (including students in Canada with a valid study permit):
Fall: August 1
Winter: December 1
Spring/Summer: April 1

Last modified date: March 3, 2016