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Mandela Unites: Creating a School Pledge

Creating Community From the Ground Up
March 30,2017

Students at Nelson Mandela High School want to create a caring environment for their new school

Nelson Mandela High School opened in September 2016. As students in a new school, Mandela’s youth leaders decided to start a pledge campaign that would establish a welcoming and caring environment built around equity and diversity. The students wanted to ensure the school had a compassionate culture that reflected the lessons of the school’s namesake. Students taking the Mandela Pledge commit to being “an ambassador and acceptor of change and hope” who values “the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and history that all individuals in this school bring every single day.” Students are challenged to advocate for these values in the school and in their personal lives.

Mandela’s youth leaders have also created a banner for students to sign as they take the school pledge. The banner features the school’s colours, logo, and a quote from Nelson Mandela. After signing, each student will receive a wristband with the words “Mandela Unites.” The students hope that the banner and wristbands will help promote the caring culture at the heart of their initiatives.

Nelson Mandela’s students are now planning to create murals across their school. The murals will highlight the talents of the school’s students, with the goal of inspiring students about the meaningful aspects of their school community. That sense of community, especially in a new school, is a core goal for these student leaders.