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Quick Chat: Connecting Immigrants and Community

Yan Guo and Shibao Guo talk about connecting immigrants and community.

April 15, 2014 - When it comes to immigration in Canada, many people might be surprised to find that Calgary is ranked fourth when it comes to destination of choice for newcomers.  In fact, recent statistics show that 26.2 per cent of the people who come to Calgary are immigrants from another part of the world.

The responsibility of welcoming and supporting new immigrants to Canada is a function of the federal government, but that doesn’t mean local communities can’t be involved.

In Calgary, for example, many community associations work closely with immigrant communities, to help newcomers integrate into their new homes. But what works—what are some of the best practices—and how are they being shared?

That’s what Werklund professors Yan Guo and Shibao Guo are hoping to find out.  Thanks to an Urban Alliance Seed Grant, they’ll be conducting research directly with three community associations to examine what’s being done.

The Urban Alliance is a research partnership between the City of Calgary and University of Calgary.  It was developed to connect and create research partnerships between academics and city agencies, and the grant Yan and Shibao received will allow them to launch their project in the near future.