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Quick Chat: A global practicum experience

November 17,2014

Werklund student shares unique experience

Listen to Werklund student, Jenny Robertson, sharing her international practicum experience with Colleen Kawalilak, Associate Dean of the WSE’s Office of Internationalization

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One of the most exciting and important periods in an undergraduate education student’s life is the practicum.  The hands-on classroom experience for pre-service teachers provides the opportunity to really test knowledge, to work closely with colleagues and mentors, and to continue on the path to lifelong learning.

Another element of education the practicum brings to the student is the realization that a teacher needs to be flexible, and open to new and sometimes unexpected experiences.  Such was the case for Werklund’s Jenny Robertson, who began her practicum in one place and ended up in an entirely different world. 

She chatted recently to Colleen Kawalilak, Associate Dean of the WSE’s Office of Internationalization.