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Quick Chat with Tonya Callaghan

December 18,2015

Werklund professor guest edits journal on LGBTQ issues

Tonya Callaghan and Robert Mizzi co-edited a special edition of the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

December 18, 2015 - According to its website, the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy (CJEAP) raises important questions and promotes debates on problems of educational practice and policy. The editorial board recently put this declaration into action by inviting Robert Mizzi and Tonya Callaghan to be guest editors of a special edition.

When asked to take on this task by the CJEAP, Mizzi made two requests - that the issue focus on LGBTQ educators and that it be co-edited collaboratively with a colleague from another institution. Once Mizzi received the go-ahead from the editorial board, he immediately brought Callaghan, an assistant professor with the Werklund School of Education, on board.

“This project is refreshing because educational administration can attract leaders who may not be so embracing of gender and sexual diversity,” says Callaghan.

Because of the strong interest in the topic and the CJEAP’s reputation as the premiere journal for educational administration and policy in Canada, there was little trouble finding contributors and reviewers.

“We received many reviewers from across Canada and elsewhere wanting to be a part of this journal’s special issue, which confirms that this work is necessary and needs to continue,” says Mizzi.

Callaghan agrees.  “All of the essays in this special collection underscore the fact that education administrators and policy makers are paramount to creating learning environments that are respectful of sexual and gender diversity for all staff and students.”

The issue includes articles by Callaghan and Mizzi as well as contributions from academics from the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Memphis and Western Sydney University. All articles are available on the CJEAP website.

In this Quick Chat, Callaghan discusses her work and the contents of the journal.