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No Education Without Renovation or Construction Without End

Stanford Prof John Willinsky discusses the past, present, and future of education Learn more >

Quick Chat: The New, Diverse International Student Body

IFP Instructors Marcia Kim and Subrata Bhowmik discuss strategies to connect with international students Learn more >

Everybody's Talking At Me

Shirley Steinberg says the key to youth leadership is to listen to young people. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Finding Isîhcikêwin in mental health practices

Werklund prof uses Cree model to guide research into services for Indigenous peoples Learn more >

Quick Chat: Women in Post-secondary Education 1850-1970

Werklund prof’s chapter looks at the various roles and rites of passages for women at Canadian universities. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Chinese Education in the Spotlight

Werklund professors discuss the effects of economic market reforms on education. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Makerspaces

Werklund school partners with Doucette library to build on popular learning concept. Learn more >

Quick Chat: LGBT Academics in International Contexts

Werklund’s Kaela Jubas discusses challenges faced, both at home and abroad. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Media Coverage of Homophobia in Schools

Werklund researcher wants to know if discrimination in schools is on the rise. Learn more >

Quick Chat: The Stigma of ADHD

Werklund researcher considers how to support young people through awareness initiatives. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Internationalization at home

Colleen Kawalilak says students need not travel abroad to round out understanding of the world around them. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Organizational Structures

Developing a working model for working. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Attachment Theory

Werklund researcher studies how to support teachers with different teaching styles. Learn more >

Quick chat: Weight as a Social Justice Issue

Werklund profs discuss how the two concepts connect. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Partner Research Schools

Why a classroom makes the best laboratory for everyone. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Education from the Ground Up

Non-traditional school makes for a different sort of field placement for Werklund pre-service teachers. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Academic Competition amongst friends and classmates in China

In new book, postdoctoral scholar discusses the toll of academic competition. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Is Obesity a Disease?

Werklund researcher discusses new designation by Canadian Medical Association. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Academic Research and International Attitudes

Werklund School postdoc and doctoral scholar discover differences in words and meanings at international conference. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Keeping in Touch

Werklund instructor, student discuss best ways to connect to home while travelling. Learn more >

Quick Chat with Tonya Callaghan

Werklund professor guest edits journal on LGBTQ issues. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Tara Gibb

Mentoring programs for skilled immigrants. Learn more >

Quick Chat: ¡En Español!

Learn more about Werklund’s Spanish specialization. Learn more >

Quick Chat: International Students Who Stay

Werklund’s Nancy Arthur discusses policy developments in attracting and keeping international studentsLearn more >

Quick Chat: Today’s Canadian Classrooms

Werklund prof Rahat Naqvi is researching the opportunities brought on by diversity of students Learn more >

Progress Monitoring

Expert discusses essentials to supporting children with learning and behavioral challenges. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Language Code-Switching and Accents

WSE Professor discusses the Code-Switching phenomenon, as well as how accents can affect perceptions of a language learner’s abilities. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Werklund’s Community-Based Bachelor of Education

New Werklund program allows single mom to achieve her goals for herself, family. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Sharing an ASD Diagnosis with Your Child

Adam McCrimmon discusses his research into how and when to share information with children. Learn more >

“Why the Community-Based BEd program works for me”

Quick Chat: Single mother Marsha Larson talks about why the new BEd program works for her. Learn more >

Quick Chat: How Many Words Do You Know?

Immigrants, English, and post-secondary studies. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Literacy in Transcultural, Cosmopolitan Times

SSHRC funded research project culminates in high profile symposium. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools

Werklund’s Shelly Russell-Mayhew discusses the School’s strategy on preparing students to teach all facets of healthy living in schools. Learn more >

Quick Chat: ASD & Bullying

Adam McCrimmon talks about his research into the experiences of children with ASD who have been bullied. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Person First Terminology

Werklund Prof discusses why it’s important to identify individuals before exceptionalities. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Support for partners of international students

Werklund Prof’s SSHRC-funded research considers supports for the spouses of international students. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Reflections on a Career in Education

Retiring Werklund Prof shares his thoughts. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Environmental Citizenship and Spirituality

Werklund Prof’s SSHRC research considers our relationship with the world around us. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Werklund researcher talks about gifted education

Sal Mendaglio outlines the ties between creativity, problem-solving skills and 'overexcitability'. Learn more >

Quick Chat: The Problem with Polling

Werklund Prof points to individual interpretation as the culprit. Learn more >

Living with Autism: One family's story

MP Mike Lake advocates for better understanding of ASD. Learn more >

Q & A: Hokkaido students talk about their experiences

Two quick questions and answers with five of the visiting students from Hokkaido. Learn more >

What's So Funny?!

Kim Lenters is the recent recipient of a SSHRC grant to study how best to introduce the concepts of humour to students. Learn more >

En français

Listen to Werklund students discuss the French language option in the BEd program. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Angela Alberga discusses the Werklund School's Health and Wellness Week

It's the second annual Health and Wellness Week in the Werklund School of Education; Werklund academic and support staff are invited to take part in a range of activities focused on both physical and mental well-being. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Examining the challenges and opportunities in Immigration and Integration

Xu Zhou discusses learning more about immigrant youth and their experiences as they integrate into Canadian society. Learn more >

Quick Chat: Spatial Reasoning & STEM Lesson Study

Krista Francis discusses strategies for encouraging the development of your students' spatial reasoning. Learn more

Researcher asks: Does daily activity improve ADHD kids' focus?

Quick Chat: Emma Climie discusses innovative activity program for ADHD kids. Learn more

The beauty of language diversity

Fernand de Varennes discusses language diversity, rights and policies at the LPP 2014 Conference. Learn more

Reaching Across Borders Through Teaching Across Borders

Application period now open for Werklund's TAB program. Learn more

WSE Office of Internationalization

Listen to the Quick Chat with Associate Dean Colleen Kawalilak. Learn more

Quick Chat: A global practicum experience

Werklund student shares unique experience. Learn more

Quick Chat: OECD PISA Tests & Science

Science is the focus in the next round of results. Learn more

Quick Chat: ADHD in Adults

Listen to the Quick Chat with Instructor Meadow Schroeder. Learn more

Quick Chat: Exploring the math love/hate relationship

Quick Chat: Exploring the math love/hate relationship

Jo Towers describes her research into children's expressions of mathematics. Learn more

Diane Watt has a unique view of the Muslim world.

Quick Chat: with Diane Watt

Diane Watt discusses her research into Muslims and the media. Learn more

Quick Chat: It Gets Better…but when?

Werklund students say LGBTQ kids shouldn't have to wait. Learn more

Quick Chat: Resiliency in ADHD kids

Unique research looks for the positives in children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series with Kevin Alderson

Prof argues issues around youth gender identities not well understood among professionals
Learn More...

A Stampede of a different sort

Hundreds of Werklund grad students on campus for summer residencies.
Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas: What we can learn from indigenous philosophies and knowledge

Greg Lowan-Trudeau contrasts understandings of the natural world. Learn More...

Classroom Talks: Culture, Social Class and Equity

Courtney Cazden and Allan Luke talk about the past, present, and future of education. Learn More...

Quick Chat: Acting Out

Prof uses unique theatre techniques to help LGBTQ campers find their voices. Learn more

Quick Chat: Putting Educational Technology to Work

If you hear the phrase Educational Technology, what springs into your mind? Learn more

Ideas conference challenges concepts of learning and teaching

National and international leaders gather to share insight into education. Learn more

Diane Watt has a unique view of the Muslim world.

Quick Chat: Diane Watt discusses the panel she's organized on Muslim youth and media

Diane Watt has a unique view of the Muslim world. Learn more

A Higher Purpose for Fine Arts?

Symposium united teachers with arts community leaders. Learn More

Quick Chat: What's the latest in STEM

Marie-Claire Shanahan talks OECD PISA tests, girls and science, and how to engage students in the STEM disciplines. Learn more

Kindling Conversations

The Werklund School of Education hosts symposium to tackle the barriers faced by Indigenous people in education Learn More...

Yan Guo and Shibao Guo talk about connecting immigrants and community

Quick Chat: Connecting Immigrants and Community

Many community associations work closely with immigrant communities, to help newcomers assimilate to their new homes. But what works—what are some of the best practices—and how are they being shared? That's what Werklund professors Yan Guo and Shibao Guo are hoping to find out. Learn More...

Standing Up for What's Right

Community engagement in social justice issues focus of Darren Lund's Annual Distinguished Lecture. Learn More...

Banning Barbie? Why the iconic doll may not be the right choice for your child

Shirley Steinberg and Shelly Russell-Mayhew discuss what Barbie — and her friends — tell us about the messages society sends to children. Learn More...

No quick fixes in education policy reform: Prof. Alan Luke

Education professor Allan Luke of Queensland University of Technology believes that privatization and marketisation of schools is not the answer to the problems faced by education systems today. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series with Shibao Guo

Education professor believes educators have an ethical and educational responsibility to embrace cultural difference and diversity in all aspects of education to build a system that is inclusive and socially just. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series - Holy Homophobia!

Education professor researches policies on sexual orientation in separate schools. Learn More...

It's all about Leadership

Where will we find tomorrow's leaders? Shirley Steinberg says these young women and men are all around us—we just have to facilitate them to discover their own abilities.Learn More...

Deconstructing the Math Teacher

Annual Distinguished Lecture focused on finding the balance between what needs to be taught and what's already there. Learn More...

Finding the 'Sweet Spot' in Education

Listen to internationally renowned scholar Stephen Kemmis talk about his work on participatory action research. Learn More...

Language Policy Conference

Listen to the Keynote speech by Mr. Graham Fraser, Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages at the first annual Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning Conference hosted by the Werklund School of Education and Language Research Centre. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series: Strengths in ADHD by Emma Climie

For as long as anyone can remember, K-12 schools have made decisions about what constitutes appropriate dress, establishing street clothing and uniform policies as required and making accommodations for other specific personal clothing choices as necessary. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series with Dianne Gereluk

For as long as anyone can remember, K-12 schools have made decisions about what constitutes appropriate dress, establishing street clothing and uniform policies as required and making accommodations for other specific personal clothing choices as necessary. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education with Kim Lenters and Catherine Burwell

One is a brooding, dark, impossibly attractive teenager with surprisingly pointy canine teeth and a thirst for blood; the other, a beleaguered principal clad in skivvies, doomed to a life of heroic exploits through the machinations of his overly-imaginative students. Learn More...

Engaging New Ideas in Education Lecture Series: Learning to Lead Together by Dr. Jim Brandon

The subject of collaborative leadership was at the forefront of the discussion on October 26, 2011 at the first presentation of the 2011-2012 season of Engaging New Ideas in Education lecture series. Learn More...

Aboriginal Languages in Canada Conference 2012

Native Elders, community members and Education experts came to campus to share research and discuss the problem of the looming disappearance of several Aboriginal languages in Canada.Learn More...

A better way to teach? A better way to learn?

For as long as anyone can remember, the K-12 school system has focused learning on the three R's—reading , writing, and 'rithmetic. Throw in some history, science and computers and you've pretty much rounded out the curriculum. Not many people have ever thought to question why schooling is organized around academic subjects; it just seems logical. But is it? Learn More...

Werklund Congress Keynote Presentation by Henry Giroux

Listen to "Youth in Revolt: Coming of Age in an Era of Savage Inequality" , the keynote lecture by Henry Giroux as part of the inaugural Werklund Congress on April 11. Learn More...

Longfellow Door

#WESTCAST2012 Keynote Presentation by Dr. Deborah ball

On February 23, the WestCAST 2012 conference kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Deborah Ball, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education. Click to listen and watch to her presentation. Learn More...

Longfellow Door

Annual distinguished lecture with Dr. Sharon Friesen

The concept of student engagement first emerged in the late 1980s, and although some of the early research focused on demographic and social risk factors and placed student engagement primarily within the realm of psychology, researchers have started to turn their attention to studying various other aspects of student engagement. Learn More...

Longfellow Door

Sharing support for ADHD families

Anyone who has or knows someone with children struggling with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) understands the challenges those children and young adults face as they grow up. Learn More...

Longfellow Door

First annual "Dialogue with the Community" brings Education's stakeholders to campus

On May 11 2011, President Dr. Elizabeth Cannon joined members of the Werklund School of Education to discuss what educators have learned about the manner in which solid educational foundations are provided to students. Learn More...