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Bishop McNally’s Student Faith Day

Bringing Mental Health Conversations Into the Open
March 30,2017

Bishop McNally students want to bring conversations about mental health and anxiety into the open

The over-arching theme Bishop McNally’s student leaders identified was dealing with increasing feelings of anxiety. The group shared that this anxiety stems from pressures at home and at school, and from over-stimulation and overexposure to information through social media. Knowing that most of these sources of anxiety are beyond students’ control, the group decided to focus on providing their peers with ways to manage anxiety in a positive, productive way. The students also recognized that students often internalize their anxiety, further isolating themselves as they face these issues.

The group’s solution? Bring these issues forward and encourage other students to address them directly. The group attended the Youth Smart Mental Health Summit in October 2016, hearing from a series of speakers about their challenges with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. They’ve decided to take these discussions into Bishop McNally for other students, hosting a Student Faith Day to feature youth speakers and singers that students can identify with. The group hopes that events like this will encourage students to be open about their feelings now, recognizing that it’s okay to have those feelings and that there are supports available for them when they need it.