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Compassion, Connection, and Community at Western

What is happiness?
March 30,2017

Western CCC students work together to make sandwiches for Calgary’s homeless community

Students at Western Canada High School set out to answer this question as part of their study of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. This project grew into a school-wide movement for social activism focusing on Compassion, Connection, and Community. More than 200 students are now involved in the club, engaging in activities to build students’ capacity for compassion and connection in the community. The students hope to build a lasting legacy of “paying it forward” at Western. They’re committed to creating a culture of local community and social activism “simply because it is the right thing to do.”

CCC students have participated in sandwich making for the homeless (with over 1000 sandwiches made to date!), drop-in centre volunteering and financial sponsorship, and peer mentorship with Western’s local feeder schools. The club has also made craft kits for YWCA children and families affected by domestic violence, and participated in food drives and a Veterans’ food bank challenge.

As part of their legacy building, the club has begun to transition leadership to students in each grade, ensuring CCC has active, committed members who can guide the club’s growth for the next several years. We’re looking forward to seeing what other initiatives they take on!