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Ted Harrison’s Rant and Relate Team

Rant and Relate: A Club for Action
March 30,2017

Grade 9 Leadership students at Ted Harrison have created a club to address mental health, shifts of power, and discrimination in their school

Ted Harrison’s Grade 9 leadership students walked away from the September Youth Forum with three key issues in mind: mental health, shifts of power, and discrimination. To address these issues in their school community, they decided to start a new club for students to talk with one another and empathize about common struggles. The new club – Rant and Relate – is designed to build trust and community, relieve stress, and offer every student a space to build a more positive sense of self.

Rant and Relate’s next major event, focusing on Mental Health Awareness, is scheduled for May 3, 2017. The event will feature speakers around several key themes:

  • Starting and creating change
  • Ending stigmas around mental health
  • Peer support
  • The power of empathy

The Rant and Relate team want to motivate Ted Harrison’s Grade 5-9 students and create an environment where students can learn from, and help, one another.  Rant and Relate are a great example of this year’s Youth Forum delegates initiating change in their community and creating opportunities for other students to address meaningful issues in their lives. We’re looking forward to the May event!