Community Engagement Award

The University of Calgary values community engagement through thought leadership, cultural enrichment, collaborative partnerships, and alumni engagement. The Werklund School of Education aims to foster community engagement to support knowledge exchange networks, community-based research and professional learning opportunities. The Community Engagement Award annually recognizes a Werklund School academic staff member or Community member who is engaged with the Werklund School of Education for facilitating valued professional and organizational relationships between the School, the University, and the extended community. The Community Engagement Award recognizes the contributions of an exceptional individual whose leadership has enhanced community engagement in Werklund School of Education on one or more of the priorities and aims identified above. 


Nominees will be Werklund School of Education full time, continuing academic staff or Community members who demonstrate exemplary leadership in facilitating and enhancing Werklund School- Community engagements, collaborations and/or partnerships. Students are not eligible. Normally, an individual is eligible to receive the award once in a five year period. 

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Nominees can be either Werklund School full-time, continuing academic staff members or Community (Calgary) members engaged with the Werklund School of Education. 
  2. Nomination packages require one nomination letter from a Werklund School academic staff member. The letter will provide details of the nominee’s leadership with respect to the Werklund School and Community engagement, and describe particular exemplary actions, accomplishments and outcomes that have enhanced the collaboration or partnership cited. 
  3. The nomination must include 2 support letters: one from a Werklund School academic staff member or student and one from a Community member. 
  4. The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete nomination package to the Chair of the Awards Committee (AC); nominations will be accepted until May 3, 2021

Selection Process

All nomination dossiers are reviewed by the Academic Awards Committee. All applications will be reviewed based on the criteria listed in Appendix A.


One Community Engagement Award recipient will be announced and presented at an appropriate venue.

The award recipient will receive up to $2,000 to be used (by June 30, 2022) towards attending a conference of their choice. A letter will be provided acknowledging the honour from the Werklund School of Education. 

Nomination Package

The nomination package will consist of four parts, for a total of 11 pages:

Use 12pt font and single spacing for all documentation. Submit all documentation in a single PDF.

Part 1:

Nominee and nominator information

Part 2:

One nominator letter (maximum 2 pages) 

Part 3:

Two signed letters of support (one from a Werklund School academic staff member and one from a Calgary Community member (maximum 2 pages each) 

Part 4:

Nominee to provide evidence for excellence in the four criteria (maximum 5 pages) (Appendix A)

Appendix A: Werklund Community Engagement Award

Nominations for the Werklund Community Engagement Award are to be based on a nominee’s demonstrated excellence using the criteria listed below.

Maximum 11 pages

Exemplary leadership in initiating, facilitating or enhancing Werklund School-Community collaborations and partnerships

Demonstrates leadership through:

  • Initiating partnerships, engagements and collaborations between Calgary Community Members and Werklund School of Education members
  • Facilitating School-Community partnerships and collaborations on specifically identified activities in a leadership role
  • Peer (School and Community) identified enhancements to existing partnerships and collaborations

Exemplary accomplishments from Werklund School-Community collaborations and partnerships

Community engaged leadership accomplishments evident:

  • In events that brought School and Community together
  • In noteworthy scholarly, cultural, or service impacts, outcomes and contributions reflective of the partnership or collaboration's work
  • In ways that have sparked media or external interest that draws attention to School and Community partnerships and collaborations

Completed nomination packages can be sent to:

Werklund School of Education Awards Selection Committee
c/o Chair of Academic Awards Committee
EDT 1340, 2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4