Distinguished Research Lecture Award

The Distinguished Research Lecture Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed annually by the Werklund School of Education on one of its scholars. The Award recognizes a scholar who has made outstanding contributions to research in the discipline and in the community by advancing and leading educational research. The recipient will deliver a public lecture on campus as an opening event of the academic year (late September to end of November) at the University of Calgary. 


The Distinguished Research Lecture Award is open to all full-time continuing academic staff in the Werklund School of Education. Normally, an individual is eligible to receive the award once in a five year period. 

Rules and Guidelines

The nomination shall be supported by letters from two nominators; at least one nominator must be from the Werklund School of Education. Nominations for this award are to be based on a nominee’s demonstrated excellence in all three of the Distinguished Lecture eligibility categories (see Appendix A):

  • Innovation in research
  • Leadership
  • Impact on community and/or professional audiences

Selection Process

All nomination dossiers are reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee, with recommendations made to the Awards Committee. All applications will be reviewed based on the criteria listed in Appendix A. 


One Distinguished Lecture Award recipient will be announced and honoured at an appropriate venue. The award recipient will receive up to $2,000 to be used (by June 30, 2022) towards attending a conference of their choice. The recipient’s name will also be engraved on the Distinguished Lecture Award plaque on display in the Education Building. A letter will be provided acknowledging the honour from the Werklund School of Education. 

Nomination Package

Nominations must contain the following, and be comprised of no more than 20 pages total:

Use 12pt font and single spacing for all documentation. Submit all documentation in a single PDF.

Requirement 1:

Two letters of nomination that each provides evidence for distinguished research using criteria outlined in Appendix A. Letters should clearly address the selection criteria and outline the alignment of the nominee’s research with the Werklund School's research priorities. The letters should also include a paragraph on the individual’s suitability as a nominator. (Combined maximum for two letters is 5 pages). 

Requirement 2:

Nominee Information: 

  • A statement describing the nominee’s current research program (maximum 5 pages) 

  • CV (maximum 10 pages) outlining peer-reviewed publications, awards and prizes; training, mentoring and development of talent (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows); and research contributions to non-academic audiences in the last 5 years. Rank up to 5 most significant contributions of career 


Requirement 3:

Complete nomination packages should be submitted to the Chair of the Awards Committee by May 3, 2021 

Appendix A: Distinguished Research Lecture Award Categories

Nominations for the Distinguished Research Lecture Award are to be based on a nominee’s demonstrated excellence in all three of the categories listed below:

  • Demonstrates outstanding research scholarship as evidenced by significant research accomplishments (refereed publications and presentations, invited presentations as keynote), and competitively awarded funding.
  • Engages in innovative work that leads to demonstrated changes in Education, impacts theory and practice, and influences the research community.
  • Engages in research that responds to the current challenges in Education, leads to improved models, processes and practices, and challenges conventional perceptions and conceptions.
  • Demonstrates excellence in transfer of knowledge by mentoring students and emerging scholars.
  • Promotes collaborative learning and research environment.
  • Makes substantial contributions to the community outside the University by connecting to the community through workshops, development of resources, public lectures, establishing partnership networks and other activities.
  • Contributions to the field are recognized by community-based organizations through awards and distinctions, memberships, participation in collaborative projects.
  • Research outcomes from the scholar’s program of research can be linked to changes in policy and practice associated with frontline and administrative practice.

Completed nomination packages can be sent to:

Werklund School of Education Awards Selection Committee
c/o Chair of Academic Awards Committee
EDT 1340, 2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4
c/o ingrid.hernandez@ucalgary.ca