Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award

The supervised practical experience (variously known as practicum, clinical training, internship, depending on the discipline) is an essential component of professional degree programs. It is the means by which instruction and learning through the professions of teaching, counselling psychology, and school and applied child psychology socializes students to become practitioners. Practicum offers students practical and supervised opportunities to integrate classroom learning with the day-to-day pragmatic work of the profession. 

Practicum supervision is a distinct professional activity that involves mentoring, observation, evaluation, feedback, and acquisition of knowledge and skills by instruction, modeling, and mutual problem-solving. We want to honor excellence in practicum supervision for professionals who undertake this essential component of our professional degree programs. Three (3) practicum supervisors will be recognized each year, one in the Bachelor of Education, one in Counselling Psychology, and one in School and Applied Child Psychology. 


The Werklund School of Education values exemplary practicum supervision; the Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award has been established to recognize three (3) practicum supervisors annually who demonstrate excellence in practicum student supervision. One (1) award will be presented to a practicum supervisor in the Bachelor in Education; one (1) in Counselling Psychology and one (1) in School and Applied Child Psychology. 


Nominations are open to practicum supervisors who teach or practice in school or clinical placements settings who supervise Bachelor of Education, and Masters and PhD students in Counselling or School Psychology. An individual is not eligible to win the award in two consecutive years. 

Selection Process

All nomination dossiers are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Awards Committee, with recommendations made to the Awards Committee. All applications will be reviewed based on the criteria listed in Appendix A


The Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award recipient will be announced and honoured at an appropriate venue. The award recipient will receive $500 to be used (by June 30, 2022). The recipient’s name will be engraved on the Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award plaque on display in the Education Building. A letter will be provided acknowledging the honour from the Werklund School of Education. 

Nomination Package

Use 12pt font and single spacing for all documentation. Submit all documentation in a single PDF.

Part 1:

Nominee and nominator information

Part 2:

Nominator letter from the practicum student (maximum 2 pages) 

Part 3:

A minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 signed letters of support from a colleague, principal, manager or supervisor of nominee with at least 1 being from a Werklund School of Education faculty member (maximum 2 pages each) 

Part 4:

Nominations will be accepted until May 3, 2021

Appendix A: Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award Criteria

Nominations for the Excellence in Practicum Supervision Award are to be based on a nominee’s demonstrated excellence in all categories listed below:

Nominee’s contribution to practicum supervision (examples need to be included in the letters of support).

The following criteria provide areas of practicum supervision to be considered:

  • Ability to establish a professional and academic relationship with practicum students that exemplifies integrity and respect
  • Ability to assist students to integrate classroom learning with the practical work required of professionals
  • Demonstrates energy, enthusiasm and ingenuity in caring and effective supervision
  • Focused on student success
  • Accessible for consultation and discussion of the student’s progress
  • Fosters and mentors ethical practice and problem solves ethical dilemmas
  • A description of the nominee's approach and philosophy to practicum supervision

A minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 signed Letters of Support from a Colleague, Principal, Manager, or Supervisor, with at least one being from a Werklund School of Education faculty member (maximum 2 pages each)

  • Effective guidance for practicum student
  • Established mechanisms for ongoing interaction with practicum student
  • Timely reading and mentorship through continual feedback
  • Cultivates supervisory relationships based on both advisement and instilling independence in student
  • Fostering and facilitating students’ competencies towards becoming a teacher or psychologist
  • Proving a caring, safe and supportive practicum environment

Completed nomination packages can be sent to:

Werklund School of Education Awards Selection Committee
c/o Chair of Academic Awards Committee
EDT 1340, 2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4
c/o ingrid.hernandez@ucalgary.ca