How much does an assessment cost?

ISE charges a flat fee of $1,500.00 for a psychoeducational assessment, payable at the first appointment.

ISE accepts cash, debit, or credit cards (VISA, MC, AMEX).

ISE does not provide third party billing; however, a detailed billing receipt will be provided to you at the end of the process. 

It is your responsibility, as the policy holder, to contact your insurance company to find out if they will pay for your psychoeducational assessment and to determine the process for reimbursement.

Applying for Psychoeducational Assessment Services

Applications for assessments is now closed. Integrated Services will be accepting applications in March 2023.


Step 1: Choosing ISE

If all the Conditions of Service (below) are acceptable, please complete and sign the following forms:

  • Application for Psychoeducational Assessment Services
  • ISE Family History Form

Step 2: Applying to ISE

The two completed application forms may be submitted in the following way:

  • By email: 
  • By fax: 403-210-8712

Step 3: Application Review at ISE

The ISE assessment team will review each application package and make an eligibility decision within one month from receipt.

  • If the application is accepted, the ISE Administrative Coordinator will notify the applicant.
  • If the application is not accepted, the applicant will also be notified by the ISE Administrative Coordinator.

Step 4: Getting Started at ISE

Once an application has been accepted, the ISE Administrative Coordinator will call and inform the client's family.

She will begin scheduling appointments once the testing schedule has been released for the upcoming academic term:

  • Assessments that take place during the Summer term occur in a compressed time frame (i.e., one week). 
  • Assessments that take place in Fall and Winter terms will be completed within 6-8 weeks.

As a caseworker, I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. Of particular note is how friendly and personable everyone was at the office.

Government Case Worker

Conditions of Service

Informed Consent

When a psychologist is providing professional services to a child who is a minor, the psychologist must obtain informed consent from the minor’s parent/guardian. Generally, a psychologist is not required to obtain informed consent from both of the parents since either parent normally has the right to consent to services for the child. However, if the parents are separated or divorced, the psychologist must make appropriate inquiries to ensure that the adult requesting services is the child’s legal parent/guardian. It is recommended by the College of Alberta Psychologists that psychologists obtain relevant court documentation prior to commencing services.


If a minor's parents are separated or divorced, ISE will request to view custody/access documentation pertaining to the child client.

ISE requires consent from all parents or guardians with legal custody. Also, should a custodial parent be in agreement with their child participating in the assessment, but be unable/unwilling to actively participate in the process, he/she will be asked to provide a written (email) statement to that effect.  

Supervision of Student-Clinicians

During all phases of the assessment, the student-clinician and client may be observed by other students, staff, and faculty members of ISE. As part of their training, the student-clinician will discuss the assessment process, conceptualization, and recommendations with the Supervising Psychologist and other graduate students.

In order to facilitate the supervision of the student-clinician, any or all aspects of the assessment process, including meetings with the parents/guardians, will be audio and video recorded. When the assessment is complete, these recordings will be destroyed according to University of Calgary retention rules for draft documents and working materials.

Final Report

When the assessment process is complete, the student-clinician will use the information obtained to write a report. Clients above the age of majority, or the parents/guardians of minor children, will be invited to participate in a feedback conference to review the results of the assessment and their educational implications.

ISE does not release copies of psychoeducational assessment reports to any third parties, unless they are required by law to do so. The client/parent/guardian will receive the original report and they are free to share the report as they see fit, without further involvement of ISE.

Should the person in receipt of the original report require an additional copy at a later date, there will be a service charge of $50.00 plus courier costs and a wait time of up to 30 days.