Application Process

Anxiety Prevention and Management Program

Conditions of Service

Infromed Consent

When a psychologist is providing professional services to a child who is a minor, the psychologist must obtain informed consent from the minor’s parent/guardian. Generally, a psychologist is not required to obtain informed consent from both of the parents since either parent normally has the right to consent to services for the child. However, if the parents are separated or divorced, the psychologist must make appropriate inquiries to ensure that the adult requesting services is the child’s legal parent/guardian. It is recommended by the College of Alberta Psychologists that psychologists obtain relevant court documentation prior to commencing services.


If a minor's parents are separated or divorced, ISE will request to view custody/access documentation pertaining to the child client.

ISE requires consent from all parents or guardians with legal custody. Also, should a custodial parent be in agreement with their child participating in the intervention, but be unable/unwilling to actively participate in the process, he/she will be asked to provide a written (email) statement to that effect.  

Supervision of Student-Clinicians

During all phases of the intervention, the student-clinician and client may be observed by other students, staff, and faculty members of ISE. As part of their training, the student-clinician will discuss the intervention process, progress, and outcomes with their Supervising Psychologist and other graduate students.

In order to facilitate the supervision of the student-clinician, any or all aspects of the intervention process, including meetings with the parents/guardians, will be audio and video recorded. When the intervention is complete, these recordings will be destroyed according to University of Calgary retention rules for draft documents and working materials.

Final Reports

ISE does not provide written reports in regard to the Anxiety Prevention and Management intervention. Parents will have an opportunity to ask questions, and receive verbal updates and feedback about their child, during the parent sessions.

Applying for the Anxiety Prevention and Management Program

ISE is not accepting applications for the Anxiety Prevention and Management Program at this time.

Step 1: Choosing ISE

Please carefully read, complete, and sign the following forms:

  • Consent for Anxiety Prevention and Management Program
  • Anxiety Prevention and Management Program Application Form

Please note that all eligible applicants will be contacted in September to set up a 30 minute screening appointment.

Step 2: Applying to ISE

Both completed forms may be submitted the following way:

  • By email: 


Step 3: Application Review


The ISE anxiety program team will review each application package and make an initial eligibility decision within one month from receipt.

  • If the application is appropriate, the applicant will be notified by our Administrative Coordinator and a screening appointment will be booked. A brief screening appointment will be scheduled with at least one parent/guardian and the referred child.
  • If the application is deemed inappropriate for the program, the applicant will also be notified by the Administrative Coordinator.

Step 4: Getting Started at ISE

Parents will be notified of the final eligibility decision and their child’s acceptance into the group.

Applicants should be prepared to commit to one early evening session per week on Tuesdays from 5:15pm to 6:15pm. Sessions will be offered via Microsoft Teams.

Parent sessions will take place in September, October and November from 5:15pm to 6:15pm (specific dates to be announced).  At least one parent should be willing to commit to these sessions.