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Strong Parents, Strong Kids

Accepting applications for the winter term (January - April)

The Strong Parents, Strong Kids Program is being offered to support parents residing in Alberta. The intervention program is designed to support parents who may be looking for strategies to successfully support their children and family, and care for themselves. We recognize that many circumstances are impacting families in many ways, as well as parents whom are trying to support their children. Parents may want to talk about their feelings or their situation with someone they can trust outside their home. Our graduate student clinicians are trained to provide counselling services to adults as part of their training in Psychology.  

The goals of the program are: 

  • to provide support to parents residing in Alberta who are struggling with social and/or emotional difficulties; 
  • to provide support to parents to support their children who might be struggling with social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties 
  • to assist the participants to recognize, understand, and manage their feelings and behaviours; 
  • to support parents in learning adaptive coping strategies for themselves and their children in response to unhelpful feelings; 
  • to offer an opportunity for student clinicians and registered provisional psychologists to develop their intervention skills and support our community.  


Sessions will be:

  • in-person (at the Integrated Services in Education Clinic) OR virtual
  • 60 minutes in duration 

Cost: $50/session OR for longer-term counselling support $395 (10 sessions)

Time Frame

Strong Parents, Strong Kids Program will be offered in the Winter term (January - April, annually). 

Who is the Strong Parents, Strong Kids Program for?

  • Parents who are experiencing worry or distress regarding their children or themselves 
  • Parents who are struggling with low mood or irritability 
  • Parents who are looking to learn and build strategies to increase their own resilience 
  • Parents who are looking to learn and build strategies for supporting their children 
  • Parents who are looking to learn and build strategies to increase mindfulness practices in their homes 
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How much will the program cost?

  • The cost of this program is $395.00 (10 sessions)
  • ISE accepts cash, debit, or credit cards (VISA, MC, AMEX).
  • ISE does not provide third party billing; however, a detailed billing receipt will be provided to you at the end of the process. 
  • It is your responsibility, as the policy holder, to contact your insurance company to find out if they will pay for your psychoeducational assessment and to determine the process for reimbursement.


Who are the facilitators?

The sessions are facilitated by Masters students in Counselling Psychology, under the supervision of a Supervising Psychologist, who is an experienced Registered Psychologist. The students will share information about client participation, use of strategies, and progress with the Supervising Psychologist, as needed. This program provides an opportunity for our students to implement interventions and support our community in a mutually beneficial way.

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