Dianne Dodsworth

Sessional Instructor


University of Alberta


Mount Saint Vincent University


Acadia University


Dalhousie University


Dalhousie University

Contact information


Office: 403.220.7750


Main Campus: EDT744

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research areas

  • Action research
  • Collaborative, school-based research
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Design based research
  • Early mathematics development
  • Elementary education
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Mathematics teacher thinking, knowledge and learning/education
  • Engineering education
  • Mathematics teaching and learning
  • Practicum
  • Pre-service teachers
  • Qualitative research
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher learning and professional development
  • Teaching and learning methods
  • STEM pedagogy


Dr. Dodsworth’s scholarly interests are in the areas of mathematical identity of pre-service teachers, impact of STEM and Design courses on the practice of pre-service teachers, the influence of presenting routine mathematical problems into inquiry teaching, early childhood experiences of mathematics, and the partner teacher- student teacher relationship.

Current Projects:

  • Impacting Prospective Elementary School Teachers’ Mathematical Identity Through A STEM Course
  • What If? Teachers’ Stories Of The Relationship Between A Design Thinking Course And Field Experience Teaching
  • Exploring The Personal: A Study Of The Personal Relationship Between Student Teacher And Partner Teacher And Its Effect On The Field Experience
  • Rising To The Challenge: Enacting STEM In A Grade 1 Pre-Service Teacher’s Classroom

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • CSSE/SCEE Canadian Society for the Study of Education
  • AERA American Educational Research Association
  • NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Alberta Writers Guild
  • Stephen Lewis Grandmothers National Association
  • Wellspring Calgary


Dr. Dianne Joyce Dodsworth was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, graduated from Dalhousie University [B.A; BEd], taught elementary and junior high school in Nova Scotia, was named Nova Scotia Teacher of the Year, headed the two year CUSO funded Nova Scotia Global Education Project, was chair of the Nova Scotia annual Teacher as Researcher conference, worked closely with Nancie Atwell, James Britton, and Douglas Barnes on holistic and authentic approaches to literacy. Presented locally, nationally and internationally on topics of elementary curriculum. She completed two Masters of Education Degrees [Literacy, Mount Saint Vincent University, [Administration, Acadia University] and completed her PhD in Mathematics Education [University of Alberta, 1998]. Her teaching interests include undergraduate courses in STEM, Design Thinking, Elementary English Language Arts and Humanities, Mathematics and Science and Field Experience. Her graduate teaching focuses on Leadership Research.


Latremouille, J., Grant, K., Kalu, F., Dodsworth, D., Knowlton-Cockett, P., Mitchell-Pellett, M-A., Paul, J. [2015]. Reimagining Teacher Education through Design Thinking Principles: Curriculum in the Key of Life. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies 13 88-112


Teaching Excellence Award 1998-1999 Honourable Mention