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Meredith Maroney

  • Assistant Professor

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Maroney is a Licensed Psychologist in New York. She is the Chair for APA's Division 17 (SCP) Section for the Advocacy of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. 


Dr. Meredith Maroney was born and raised in the Boston area. She completed a BA in Psychology from Loyola University Maryland, her MS from the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) in Mental Health Counseling, and her PhD in Counseling Psychology at UMass Boston. She has clinical experience in college counseling centers, hospital, and school settings. Most recently, she worked at the University at Albany's Center for Behavioral Health Promotion and Applied Research in a dual clinical and research position. 


Journal Articles

Horne, S. G., Johnson, T., Yel., Maroney, M. R., McGinley, M. (2021). Unequal rights between LGBTQ parents living in the U.S.: The association of minority stress to relationship satisfaction and parental stress. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice. Advance online publication. 

Horne, S. G., McGinley, M., Yel, N., & Maroney, M. R. (2021). The stench of bathroom bills and anti-transgender legislation: Referendum-related anxiety and depression among transgender, nonbinary and cisgender LGBQ people. Journal of Counseling Psychology. Advance online publication. 

Douglass, A., Chickerella, R., & Maroney, M. R. (2021). Becoming trauma-informed: A case study of early educator professional development and organizational change. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 42(2), 1-21. 

Levitt, H. M., Collins, K., Maroney, M. R., & Roberts, T. (2021). Healing from heterosexist experiences: A mixed method intervention study using expressive writing. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Advance online publication.

Collins, K. M., Levitt, H. M., & Maroney, M. R. (2020). Peeling back the layers: How expressive writing about heterosexist events benefits LGBQ adults. Journal of Homosexuality. Advance online publication. 

Levitt, H. M., Surace, F. I., Wu, M. B., Chapin, B., Hargrove, J. G., Herbitter, C., Lu, E. C., Maroney, M. R., & Hochman, A. L. (2020). The meaning of scientific objectivity and subjectivity: From the perspective of methodologists. Psychological Methods. Advance online publication. 

Horne, S. G., Maroney, M. R., Nel, J., Chaparro, R., & Manalastas, E. (2019).  Emergence of a transnational LGBTI psychology: Commonalities and challenges in advocacy and activism. American Psychologist, 74(8), 967–986.

Puckett, J. A., Maroney, M. R., Wadsworth, L. P., Mustanski, M., & Newcomb, M. E. (2019). Coping with discrimination: The insidious effects of gender minority stigma on the mental health of transgender individuals. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1-19. 

Douglass, A., Maroney, M. R., Coonan, M., Friedman, D. H., & Carter, A. (2019). “You have a status”: A case study of parent leadership in a U.S. school readiness initiative. International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, 13(2).

Vannoy, S.D., Park, M., Maroney, M. R., Unützer, J., Apesoa-Varano, E.C., Hinton, L. (2018). The perspective of older men with depression on suicide and its prevention in primary care: Implications for primary care engagement strategies. Crisis, 39(5), 397-405.

 Rood, B. A., Maroney, M. R., Berman, A., Puckett, J.A., Reisner, S.L., & Pantalone, D.W. (2017). Identity concealment in transgender adults: A qualitative assessment of minority stress and gender affirmation. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 87(6), 704-713. 

Horne, S. G., Maroney, M. R., Zagryazhskaya, E. A., Koven, J. (2017). Attitudes toward gay and lesbian individuals in Russia: An exploration of the interpersonal contact hypothesis and personality factors. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 10(2), 21-34.

Horne, S. G., Maroney, M. R., Geiss, M. L & Dunnavant, B. R. (2017). The reliability and validity of a Russian version of the Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 10(2), 4-19.

Wheeler, E. E., Horne, S. G., Maroney, M. R., & Johnson, T. J. (2017). “Everything that we can do”: A content analysis of protective strategies used by LGBTQ parents. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 1-17. 

Lamb, S., Kosterina, E., Roberts, T., Dangler, L., Brodt, M., Maroney, M. (2017). Voices of the mind: Young men’s construction of masculinity while having sex. Men and Masculinities, 21(2), 254-275.

Puckett, J. A., Maroney, M., Levitt, H. M., & Horne, S. G. (2016). Relations between gender expression, minority stress, and mental health in cisgender sexual minority women and men. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 3(4), 489–498.

Rood, B. A., Reisner, S. L., Surace, F. I., Puckett, J. A., Maroney, M. R., & Pantalone, D.W.(2016). Expecting rejection: Understanding the minority stress experiences of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. Transgender Health, 1(1), 151-164. 

Puckett, J. A., Horne, S. G., Herbitter, C., Maroney, M. R., & Levitt, H. M. (2016). Difference across contexts: Minority stress and interpersonal relationships for lesbian, gay, and bisexual women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 41(1), 8-19.

Books and Chapters 

Mendes, E. & Maroney, M. R. (2019). Gender identity, sexuality, and autism: Voices from across the spectrum. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Maroney, M. R. & McGinley, M. (2020). Mental health issues for sexual and gender minority individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. In E. Rothblum (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health.

Maroney, M. R., Horne, S. G., Wadler, B. M., Emerson, H. (2020). Wise as a serpent and soft as a dove: Strategies of LGBT+ activists in the mid-South. In K. K. Strunk & R. Feiszli (Eds.), Queering the Deep South.

Collins, K.M., Maroney, M. R., Roberts, T. S., Wadler, B. M. & Levitt, H. M. (2020). Healing from heterosexism: An empirically-based online exercise for processing heterosexist experiences. In J. S. Whitman & C. J. Boyd (Eds.), Homework Assignments and Handouts for LGBTQ+ Clients: A Mental Health and Counseling Handbook.

Mendes, E. & Maroney, M. R. (2020). At the intersection of the autism spectrum and sexual and gender diversity: Case studies for use with clinicians and clients. In J. S. Whitman & C. J. Boyd (Eds.), Homework Assignments and Handouts for LGBTQ+ Clients: A Mental Health and Counseling Handbook.

Wadler, B.M., Maroney, M. R. & Horne, S. G. (2020). Clinical work with LGBTQ asylum seekers. In J. S. Whitman & C. J. Boyd (Eds.), Homework Assignments and Handouts for LGBTQ+ Clients: A Mental Health and Counseling Handbook.

Photograph of Meredith Maroney
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