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Patricia Danyluk

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 F2021 - EDUC 530 - Indigenous Education


Dr. Danyluk joined the Werklund School of Education in 2014 after working at the Laurentian School of Education for 10 years. She completed her PhD at Laurentian University, her Master’s in Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier and her B.Ed. at Nipissing University. Her PhD research examined the role children and youth play in the development of classroom management for student teachers. Prior to this, she worked as a Teacher, College Professor, Human Resources Consultant and a Manager for the Manitoba Government.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Danyluk’s research focuses on teacher development specifically as it relates to the practicum. Throughout her career, Dr. Danyluk has been involved with remote northern communities mostly in northern Manitoba and Ontario. Her research examines the development of new teachers in remote, rural and Indigenous communities and she has travelled throughout northern Canada to gather their stories. 

Current Projects:

Social Positioning and Self Identity of Beginning Female Teachers in Rural and Remote Canada


Laurentian University

Master’s Adult Education
St. Francis Xavier

Bachelor of Education
Nipissing University

Human Resources Certificate
University of Alberta

Bachelor of Arts
Laurentian University

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Danyluk has served as the Chair of the Practicum Committee and Research Committee while at Laurentian University. In addition she was a member of the Awards Committee, Teacher Education Liaison Committee, Teacher Education Advisory Committee, Risk Watch Committee and the Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury. Danyluk worked with the Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury to establish a Coaching Program that matched pre-service teachers with students who have learning disabilities.

  • Canadian Association of Teacher Education
  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • B.C. College of Teachers



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  • Danyluk, P., Kendrick, A., & Kapoyannis, T. (2020-2021). Online Teaching Excellence Award. Werklund School of Education.
  • Danyluk, P. (2016-2019). University of Calgary Teaching Scholars Award. Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.
  • Danyluk, P. (2013). Recognition Award for Theses and Dissertations on Teacher Education. Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE). June 3, 2013.

Media Work

  • Danyluk, P. (2012). Researcher of the Week: The Role Children and Youth Play in Teaching Student Teachers’ Classroom Management. CBC Radio Interview. April 16, 2012. Sudbury, ON.
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