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Jaime Fiddler

  • Sessional Instructor

Currently Teaching

 F2021 - EDUC 530 - Indigenous Education


Dr. Jaime Leigh Fiddler (formerly Beck) is a sessional instructor in the Werklund School of Education. She is keenly interested in how to create space within the academy for mulitple kinds of knowledge, and advocates regularly for arts-based and Indigenous ways of knowing to be more meaningfully included in education, and especially in the research process.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, Jaime is instructing EDUC 450: Diversity in Learning; EDUC 530: Indigenous Education; and EDUC 556: Professional Development and Lifelong Learning at the undergraduate level, and at the graduate level: EDER 655.16: Decolonizing through Indigenous Arts & Media; and EDER 655.17 Critical Service Learning and Engaged Scholarship in Indigenous Education.

Jaime's research interests include teacher mentorship, beginning teacher induction and attrition, and teacher professional learning and growth. She is currently the Managing Editor of Art/Research International: A Transdiciplinary Journal, a forum dedicated to exploring and advancing art as and/or within the research process across disciplines and internationally.

Jaime is proud to be a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, and reclaimed her birth name Fiddler in order to remain more connected to this heritage. In addition to Métis ancestry, she also embraces the Swedish, Welsh, Irish, and Cree roots found within the three most recent generations of her family. Jaime is also proud to be a singing member of One Voice Chorus, a mixed-voice choir for LGBTQ* singers and their allies in the Calgary area. 

Select Publications

Fiddler, J. L. (2021) Listening deeply: Indexing research conversations in a narrative inquiry. In C. Vanover, P. Mihas, & J. Saldaña (Eds.), Analyzing and interpreting qualitative data: After the interview. Sage Publications.
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