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I am an Associate Professor in School and Applied Child Psychology (SACP).  I am a registered psychologist with a research interests in teaching, learning and well-being at the post-secondary level.  As well, my research interests focus on preparing students with disabilties for postsecondary by fostering self-regulation skills and identifying appropriate supports.  I have experience coordinating blended (online and on-campus) programs in school and counselling psychology and currently teach in online and face-to-face formats.  At this time, I am the Academic Coordinator for a First Nations-only (MFNERC) school psychology cohort.  

I am currently accepting graduate students for supervision.  

Current Projects

2021  Alberta Ministries of Justice and Education: Student-on-student Violence in Alberta’s Public and Separate Schools: The Perspectives of School Teachers and School Administrators. Co-investigator

2021  Mitacs Accelerate: The experiences of Indigenous school psychology trainees working with Indigenous communities. Principal supervisor

2020  Development of a recommendation bank for school psychology practicum. Principal investigator 

2019  University students' time management, coping, self-efficacy, and self-compassion: Correlations with well-being. Principal investigator

2019 Parent and child perspectives on the individual education plan process and outcomes. Principal investigator



Doctor of Philosophy, School & Child Applied Psychology
University of Calgary

Master of Science, School Psychology
University of Calgary

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
University of Victoria

Research & Scholarly Activity

The main theme of my research is the teaching, learning, and mental well-being of post-secondary students.  I have a number of interests that fall under this theme.  First, the education of school psychology trainees in clinical reasoning and assessment.  Specifically, the development of case conceptualization and report writing skills.  Second, the transition of students in post-secondary and factors that contribute to success.  Related to transition to post-secondary is the preparation for post-secondary for high school students with a disability, e.g., learning disabilities, ADHD, and mental health concerns.  

Sample Publications

Schroeder, M., Tourigny, E., Bird, S., Ottmann, J., Jeary, J., Mark, D., Kootenay, C., Graham, S., & McKeough, A. (2020). Supporting Indigenous children’s storytelling using a culturally-relevant, developmentally-based program. Manuscript under review.  

Schroeder, M., Bird, S., Drefs, M. A., & Zwiers, M. (2020). Tapwewin: Speaking to truth about assessment with Indigenous children. In S. Bisson, C. Sinclair, & I. Djuraskovic (Eds.), Counselling ethics from the margins: The lived experiences of practitioners.  Accepted for publication.

Turner, K., Wilcox, G., Nordstokke, D. W., Dick, B., Schroeder, M., & Noel, M. (2020). Executive functioning in youth with and without chronic pain: A comparative analysis. The Clinical Journal of Pain. Online first.

Schroeder, M.,Drefs, M. A., & Zwiers, M. (2020). Comparing math LD diagnostic rates obtained using LDAC and DSM-5 criteria: Implications for the field. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 35(3), 175-196. doi:10.1177/0829573520915366

Schroeder, M. (2019). Preparation for a pre-master’s internship in a blended school psychology program: A survey of clinical supervisors. Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Schroeder, M., & West, A. (2019). Student mental health and well-being: Supportive teaching and learning practices. Annotated Bibliography. Retrieved from

Schroeder, M., Makarenko, E., & Warren, K., (2019). Introducing a late bank in online graduate courses:  The response of students.  Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(2).

Mueller, R., & Schroeder, M. (2018). From seeing to doing: Examining the impact of non-evaluative classroom observation on teaching development.Innovative Higher Education. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s10755-018-9436-0

Schroeder, M., Drefs, M. A., & Cormier, D. C. (2017). The Messiness of LD Identification: Contributions of Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Judgement. Canadian Psychology, 58, 218-227.

Schroeder, M. (2017, November). Fourteen signs your daughter may have ADHD. Conversation Canada. Retrieved from





Sample Presentations:

Schroeder, M., Matyjanka, O., Albrecht, K., & Hindes, Y. (2020, October). Time management, coping, and stress in the first year of post-secondary. The Virtual 25th Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, National Center for School Mental Health.

Schroeder, M., Tourigny, E., Graham, S. A., McKeough, A., Bird, S., Jeary, J., Ottmann, J., Mark, D., & Kootenay, C. (2020, April). Collaborating with an Indigenous community to teach storytelling: The outcomes of a culturally-relevant program [Paper Session]. AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA (Conference Canceled)

Schroeder, M. (2019, November). Supervisor perceptions of intern preparedness in a blended school psychology program. Paper presented at COHERE, Calgary, AB.

Schroeder, M., Eaton, S. E., & Lock, J. (2019, November). Managing academic integrity in online education: Considerations for educators. Paper presented at COHERE, Calgary, AB.

Turner, J., Brandon, J., & Schroeder, M. (2019, September). Positive district leadership for flourishing schools.  Paper presented at the Positive Leadership for Flourishing Schools Forum, Kingston, ON.

Rothschuh, S., Fernandez Conde, C., Lock, J, Eaton, S. E., & Schroeder, M. (2019, June). The power of design-based research to promote academic integrity. Poster presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference, June 2 – 4, Vancouver, BC.

Schroeder, M. (2019, April). The current state of academic dishonesty in online education. Paper presentation at the Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity, April 17-18, 2019, Calgary, AB.

Lock, J., Eaton, S.E., & Schroeder, M. (2019, April). Academic Integrity:  Policy and Practice Running for Academic Integrity:  Where do They Need to Intersect? Paper presentation at the Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity, April 17-18, 2019, Calgary, AB.

Drefs, M. A., Schroeder, M., Andrews, J., & Cormier, D. (2019, February).  The role of clinical judgment in LD identification practices. Paper presentation at National Association of School Psychology, Altanta, GA.

Drefs, M. A., Schroeder, M., Zwiers, M. (2018, June). Improving LD diagnostic practices: What to do and what to consider in absence of a consistent and uniform approach.  Presentation at the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, QC.

Makarenko, E., Schroeder, M.,& Warren, K. (2018, June). Designing Graduate Psychology Courses to Improve Student Self-Efficacy and Reduce Course-Related Stress: The Implementation of a Late Bank Policy to Allow Flexibility in Submission Deadlines. Presentation at the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, QC.


Schroeder, M. (2017, August). Supporting students with LD transition to post-secondary. Paper presented at Partner Research Schools Conference, Calgary, AB.



2014 University of Calgary Teaching Award for Teaching in Online Environments

2019 University of Calgary Teaching Award for Educational Leadership (group)

Photograph of Meadow Schroeder
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