Workplace & Learning in Diverse Contexts

Workplace and Learning in Diverse Contexts is a program option within the Master of Education (MEd), Interdisciplinary route. Visit the MEd, Interdisciplinary Route page for complete MEd details including fees

This program will be of interest to individuals working within human resource development, training, and education capacities, as trainers or facilitators, organizational staff, or independent consultants. It will provide graduate students with an opportunity for advanced professional education and learning to increase practice-based knowledge and competence pertaining to adult learning within a variety of work and learning, organizational settings.

Target Audience:
• Trainers
• Facilitators
• Education Specialists
• Human Resource Specialists
• Independent Consultants
• Organizational Staff

Program Goals:

• Explore issues and opportunities for learning in diverse work and learning contexts.
• Critically examine, from an adult education perspective, current challenges pertaining to learning in support of individual and collective change.
• Develop empowering and proactive strategies and practices that promote adult learning and professional practice in diverse work and learning contexts.

Program Schedule

Term 1 - Summer

Summer 2020
EDER 631.05 L05 (50088)
Workplace Learning & Society

Term 2 - Fall

Fall 2020
EDER 617 L01 (73638)
Organizational Theory and Analysis in Education

Term 3 - Winter

Winter 2021
EDER 631.21 L02 (12021)
Learning in Groups & Teams

Term 4 - Spring

Spring 2021
EDER 631.11 (registration information TBD)
Career Development

Course Descriptions

Outlines are normally available 1-2 weeks prior to the start of term in D2L.

Course Delivery

Courses in this program are offered fully online. Courses are held in both an asynchronous environment (D2L) and a synchronous (real-time) environment (Zoom) which allows instructors to virtually meet and talk with students and experience a live exchange of ideas, hear class presentations and do group work with access to a whiteboard. For additional information regarding online delivery, refer to the Online Delivery eLearning website.


3 units per course

EDER 631.05 Workplace Learning & Society

This course provides a macro-level examination of the place of individual, group and organizational learning in the community and contemporary society; perspectives on societal change, work and learning; philosophical and ideological perspectives.

EDER 617 Organizational Theory and Analysis in Education

Through the use of various metaphors as an analytical tool, this course will introduce students to the concepts and practice of organizational theory, change and development as it has evolved over the past century. By understanding the historical and theoretical roots of these concepts, students will have a context in which to develop the skills and expertise needed as organizational change agents.

EDER 631.21 Learning in Groups & Teams

This course examines how current theoretical models of small group theory contribute to creating and sustaining teams within a variety of workplace settings. It will address multiple issues related to small group and team development such as power, diversity, equity in leadership and ongoing feedback and process consultation. 

EDER 631.11 Career Development

This course examines key concepts and current practices relevant to facilitating employee career development within organizational settings. The focus will be on gaining an appreciation of how the individual career development needs of employees and typical business goals of organizations interact.

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