Partner Teachers: Professional Learning Series

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These professional learning sessions will be facilitated by Werklund Instructors to support knowledge sharing in targeted areas. Themes include: Indigenous education, math engagement, literacy development and wellness.

Sessions will begin at 4:30pm (MT) and run for one hour.

Registration will open two-three weeks prior to the date of the event. 

Nov 30

Books to Build On: Indigenous Literatures for Learning

In this session, we will introduce our resource, 'Books to Build On: Indigenous Literatures for Learning,' an interactive web resource that is designed to assist educators with weaving Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing into their teaching and learning, starting with story. Responding to the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and to current provincial professional standards for education, this resource is intended to help teachers build foundational knowledge and competencies in Indigenous education. 

Theme: Indigenous Education 

Presenters: Aubrey Hanson and Erin Spring 

Interactivity: Participants will learn how to use the resource and will be offered opportunities to practice searching for appropriate lessons and resources. 

Resource Sharing: The purpose of our workshop will be to share our interactive resource. Participants will leave our session with an understand of how to use the resource in their own contexts. 

Jan 26

Supporting Students’ Meaningful Active Learning of Mathematics 

Meaningful teaching of mathematics includes providing students with opportunities to make connections and think mathematically. In this session, we will discuss learner-centered approaches to actively and meaningfully engage all students at the beginning of a mathematics lesson. These approaches prepare students for the lesson as well as help them to develop skills to learn mathematics with understanding and experience.

Theme: Math Engagement

Presenters: Olive Chapman

Interactivity: Participants will engage in discussion of examples of the activities that can be adapted for grades K-12 and in creating their own examples for use in their classrooms. 

Resource Sharing: Examples of the activities will be shared during the session. 

Mar 9

Comics in the Classroom: Expanding Literacy Horizons 

Viewing and representing are important aspects of literacy learning, yet they are frequently overshadowed by the emphasis on reading and writing. In this workshop, we draw on the popularity and pedagogical potential of comics, graphic novels and illustrated books to explore the place of viewing and representing across the curriculum. We will discuss how visual literacies can increase engagement and authenticity, and complement more conventional literacy learning. 

Theme: Literacy Development 

Presenters: Kim Lenters and Catherine Burwell 

Interactivity: Attendees will participate in hands-on activities related to both the reading and creation of comics. These activities can be easily adapted for a variety of k-12 classrooms. 

Resource Sharing: Attendees will be introduced to comics and other visual resources with the potential to enhance literacy learning across the curriculum. 

May 4

Cultivating Teacher Wellbeing Through Mindfulness Practices 

Mindfulness practices can significantly enhance our ability to cope with stress and decrease our reactivity in stressful situations. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to contemporary research on mindfulness and wellbeing. In particular, we will explore research that has demonstrates that focusing on teacher wellbeing can significantly enhance the learning environment for children. 

Theme: Wellness

Presenters: Jackie Seidel and Janet Groen 

Interactivity: Simple practices focused on mindfulness and stress reduction will be integrated into this workshop format. 

Resource Sharing: Examples of mindfulness activities, in relation to personal teacher wellbeing, as well as links to mindfulness resources, will be shared. 

For more information email Nadia Delanoy