Community-Based Fees

The below resources can help you navigate fees and finances as a Community-Based student.

Community-Based Resources

Details on Fees and Awards

The Registrar's site offers a further breakdown of what fees all undergraduate students are automatically assessed, and what fees can be opted out of.

Additionally, check out Werklund's awards for incoming and current students.

Health Plan

All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the student health benefits plan. 

If you already have health coverage through work or within a family plan, it is possible to opt out of the UofC Health Plan and thus save these fees.

Dental Plan

Community-Based students who do not live within reasonable commuting distance of a dental provider that is a part of the Dental Plan network are able to opt out of this plan. Details on opting out will be provided to students annually.

Navigating Student Loans: Four-Years

Check out our 2022 presentation on student loan scenarios for Letter of Permission terms and years here.

Looking for more information on Community-Based programs? Visit our detailed pathway pages