Field Experience

Bachelor of Education students undertake 20 weeks of in-classroom field experience! 

Field Experience Overview

Bachelor of Education students undertake 20 weeks of in-classroom field experience.

Field experiences are a critical aspect of teacher education. It is during the time in the field that Pre-service Teachers will be given the opportunity to apply the learning from their EDUC theory courses as they experience the complexity of life in schools generally, and in their assigned placements more specifically.

Each Field Experience will allow the Pre-service Teachers to deepen their understandings of what it means to be a teacher while incrementally increasing their responsibility in the field. 

There are four Field Experiences in which Pre-service Teachers will take part during the course of the Bachelor of Education Degree, one in each semester.

Field Experiences

Field Experience I, EDUC 440 – A two-week placement. Fall, first Education term is an observation and assisting round designed to help Pre-service Teachers refocus their perception from student to that of teacher.

Field Experience II, EDUC 465 – A four-week placement. Winter, second Education term allows Pre-service Teachers to begin executing teaching experiences with the express goal of examining their effectiveness with a small or select group of students in a collaborative environment with their partner teacher and other Preservice Teachers.

Field Experience III, EDUC 540 – A six-week placement. – Fall, third Education term allows Pre-service Teachers to take on added teaching responsibilities as they begin working on both curriculum and teaching expertise.

Field Experience IV, EDUC 560 – An eight-week placement. Winter, final Education term provides Pre-service Teachers with ample experience to both practice the art and science of teaching while still benefiting from the constructive feedback that comes from working with a skilled Partner Teacher.

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Field Experience Dates & Deadlines

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Field Experience Dates & Deadlines

Field Experience Courses

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Field Experience Courses

Field Experience Placements

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Field Experience Placements

Getting Started

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Field Experience Checklist