Field Experience I FAQ

Field Experience I is an observation and assisting round designed to help Pre-service Teachers refocus their perception from student to that of teacher. 

Top Field Experience I Questions

A: Your Field Experience I placement is dependent on your program and pathway.

  1. Community-Based Pathway

    Community-Based students are placed in rural and remote schools, and we rely on your admission address and placement information form when securing your placement. We encourage you to register in EDUC 430 section based on your hometown. 

    For more information, please review Field Experience I Community-Based Placements webpage (link below). 

  2. On-Campus Pathway

    On-Campus students are placed as cohorts, in schools across Calgary & Area.

    Your school site is informed by your EDUC 430 section. 

    For more information, please review Field Experience I On-Campus Placements webpage (link below). 

A: Field Experience I placement schools are generally confirmed and assigned in mid to late September. Field Experience works to confirm Field Experience I host schools throughout the Spring and Fall.

A: Yes, commute times are considered!

Community-Based Placements: 

  • Every effort is made to place student teachers within a reasonable traveling distance from their place of residence, however, based on available school sites, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Out of Area Field Experience placements are made with the understanding you have access to a vehicle. We cannot make accommodations for transit in areas outside of Calgary - please ensure you are able to get to the places requested. 
  • Placements may have a travel requirement of up to 90 minutes from your home. Our priority is to give you the best placement possible with a focus on partner teacher availability and school willingness to host pre-service teachers.

On-Campus Students / Calgary & Area placements: 

  • For Field Experience I, we will do our best to resolve excessive commute times but cannot guarantee your field placement will be changed. Remember, your 430 section will prioritize your Field Experience placement in a specific area or quadrant in Calgary and Area. Please know that placement sites are limited, and we appreciate your flexibility. If your commute time is longer than 90 minutes, we will do our best to resolve, however we are limited to schools within your EDUC 430 section, the cohort model, and host school cohort sizes. The commute time limitation is applied to both public transit and vehicle times, one-way. 

  • Commute times are considered for Field Experience II and III/IV. 

A: Yes, Police Information Checks are required of all Bachelor of Education students heading into a field experience semester.

  1. Review our Police Information Check (PIC) Requirement

    A current, clear Police Information Check (PIC), including a Vulnerable Sector search, is required of all students participating in field experience. Students are required to present their clear PIC to the Undergraduate Programs in Education (UPE) office as directed by the Field Team.

    Please Note: Students without a current and clear PIC will not be allowed to participate in field experience.

  2. Obtain & Present your Police Information Check

    You are required to complete the "Notice regarding requirement for Police Information Checks", obtain a current and clear Police Information Check, submit the details of your PIC, present your PIC to UPE Field Experience, and present your PIC to your Field Experience placement site(s). 

A: October 10-20, 2023

Length of placement: 2 weeks

Time Commitment: Full-time, Monday-Friday participation is required. 

  1. Field Experience Dates & Deadlines

    Please review the Field Experience Dates and Deadlines page to plan ahead! 

  2. UPE Dates to consider

    We also encourage you to review the UPE important dates and events webpage. 

A: No! Your Field Experience I placement will be secured by the UPE Field Experience Team.  Under no circumstances should you recruit or pre-arrange your placement with a school or school board.

A: No, only Field I is informed by your EDUC 430 registration section. Field Experience II, III and IV placements will be informed by the 'Field Experience Placement Information Form'.

A: Your seminars will be scheduled during your time at the Practicum School during Field Experience. Calgary and Area seminars are in your placement school; Community-Based seminars are held via Zoom. 

A: No, final placement decisions are made in the Undergraduate Programs in Education office and are contingent on placement availability. Preferred school divisions are not guaranteed. The faculty will assign student teachers to specific schools and supervisors/ instructors for the field experiences. 

Please remember:

  • On-Campus students placements in Field Experience I are informed by EDUC 430 section registration. 
  • Community-based students placements in Field Experience are informed by application address and placement information forms.  

A: Yes! Please anticipate completing your Field Experience in the classroom, in-person. Field Experience practicums are in-person, as that is what teachers will be doing. We are emulating the realities of K-12 education in our placements.

A: Accommodation requests are best addressed by the Directors of Field Experience.

If you are requesting accommodations for Field Experience, we recommend you contact the Directors of Field Experience directly, in addition to the University of Calgary Student Accessibility Services office, as appropriate.

  1. Directors of Field Experience: 

    On-Campus Students / Calgary & Area Field Experience Placements:

    Community-Based Students / Out of Area Field Experience Placements:

  2. Student Accessibility Services

    They work with the Director of Student Experience, Werklund School of Education, to ensure your Field Experience is well supported. We recommend this formalized process as ensures we secure your field experience placement with the information we need.