Rocky View Schools PLC for Instructional Design

The Rocky View School Division works with beginning teachers to develop their practice as they enter the profession. The RVS Learning Department's Learning Design Specialists offer collaborative design cohorts for teachers to experience instructional design firsthand, develop an inquiry project for their own context, and implement their project with students in the classroom.

Students entering their final year of the BEd program are invited to apply to be matched with a partner teacher in the Rocky View School Division for Field 3 and Field 4. Selected students will participate in the Making Learning Visible cohort and work with their partner teacher to design and implement an inquiry project on their Field 4 placement.

  • Opportunity for pre-service teachers to collaborate with teachers in an RVS-led professional learning community
  • Matched students will be placed with a partner teacher from their subject specialization
  • Participating in this opportunity will not affect students' Field Experience evaluations. The opportunity will not be included in students' Field Evaluations, and if either the pre-service teacher or the partner teacher decide to opt out of the cohort, students' evaluations will not be affected.
  • As with all Field Experiences, if the partner teacher believes that a student's participation in the cohort will compromise their field placement, the partner teacher or field instructor have the right to ask participants to leave the cohort.


  • Pre-service teachers need a current Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (issued after July 1, 2019).
  • Pre-service teachers must be entering the final year of their teacher education program to be eligible for this opportunity
  • Since students matched to this program will be placed in Rocky View Schools, participating students must have access to a car and be willing to be placed in RVS for Fields 3 and 4.

Please also note:

  • If you apply for this opportunity, we will consider it your #1 priority for a Field Placement. While we do work to accommodate all of your requests (e.g., location, teacher interests, etc.), the specialized nature of this opportunity and the limited number of teachers available means that perfect matches on every front are not always possible.
  • Travel times for this opportunity tend to be somewhat longer than usual for Field 3/4, as fewer teachers are available for these opportunities than for regular field placements.
  • These placements are arranged by the school board, not by our Field team. As a result, if you are placed with this Cohort but the placement falls through, we may not be able to secure another placement alongside the Cohort. We will certainly find you a suitable Field 3/4 placement, however.

Pre-service teachers will participate in four professional development sessions between November 2019 and April 2020. The sessions include:

  1. A Design Thinking Workshop. Participants will experience problem-based learning to better understand RVS's approach to instructional design. Participants will also have the opportunity to collaborate with their partner teachers and RVS's Learning Specialists.
  2. An Instructional Design Workshop. Participants will use the RVS instructional design model to create an inquiry project for their students that aligns with the principles of design thinking and the needs of their students.
  3. One-to-One Coaching Opportunities. The RVS Learning Design Team will meet with pre-service teachers and their partner teachers to provide individualized support and coaching as they prepare to implement their inquiry project.
  4. A Public Celebration of Learning. A core part of the scholarship of teaching and learning is sharing your work with other educators. Pre-service teachers and their partner teachers will be invited to a public celebration of their inquiry projects to showcase student work and recognize participants' contributions.

After attending the first two workshops, pre-service teachers will implement the inquiry project as part of their Field 4 experience. Participating pre-service teachers will share this common learning goal with their partner teachers, providing a real-life application of key course concepts while enhancing their professional portfolio.

  • Orientation Session: Thursday, September 12
  • Design Thinking Workshop: Tuesday, October 8, 2:00-3:30pm in EDT 450
  • Introduction to RVS Design Process / Mentor Teacher Meet and Greet: Monday, November 4 (all day)
  • Reconnecting Workshop: Tuesday, January 7, 1:00-3:00pm (room TBD)
  • Connecting with Expertise Day (as part of EDUC 546: Design-Based Thinking): Mid-January (specific date TBD)
  • Design Day: Monday, March 2 (all day)
  • Making Learning Visible: Thursday, April 2 (half-day)
  • Celebration and Debrief: Tuesday, April 28, 2:00-3:00pm (room TBD)

Interested in this opportunity? Applications for Fall 2020 will open in March!