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Kaela Jubas

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Originally from Toronto, I worked there and in Vancouver, BC for some 15 years in the community not-for-profit sector before returning to university for an MEd and a PhD at University of British Columbia's Department of Educational Studies (Adult Education). I joined the Adult Learning specialization at the Werklund School of Education (formerly Faculty of Education) at University of Calgary following my PhD in 2008. My scholarly work maintains my long-standing interest in and engagement with various issues related to social welfare and equity. I take up a neo-Gramscian, feminist, critical theory perspective. My research and teaching connect diverse subjects, including work-related learning, healthcare-related learning, consumption and popular culture, identity, globalization and internationalization, social change, and innovative approaches to qualitative inquiry.

Research & Scholarly Activity

I take a transdisciplinary approach in my research, drawing on methods and scholarship from adult education, cultural studies, women’s/gender/queer studies, and sociology. My research illustrates how adult learning occurs in the activities and processes of everyday life, and advances an understanding of adult learning as holistic.

Projects & Selected Publications:

Bringing popular culture into the classroom to build a pedagogy of critical curiosity
Funding: University of Calgary SSHRC Enhancement Grant & SSHRC Insight Grant
This study is premised on the idea that, through engagement with popular culture, adults can learn important, potentially critical lessons. This study builds on that premise by exploring how instructors are incorporating popular culture (e.g., film, tv shows, novels, songs) into professional education curriculum, especially to foster learning about theories and concepts or contentious, "difficult" issues.
Jubas, K. (2019). Developing a pedagogy of critical curiosity in professional education. In J. Egan (Ed.), Proceedings of the 38th Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education/ l’Association canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation des adultes (CASAE/ACÉÉA) Annual Conference (pp. 178-185), June 1-4, 2019, Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia.

How social movements move: Female post-secondary students' undersatnding and uptake of #metoo
Co-investigators: Drs. Christine Jarvis & Grainne McMahon, University of Huddersfield, England
Funding: Werklund School of Education Outbound Fellowship
This study explores how women preparing to enter a professional field are learning about #MeToo, a social movement focused on gender-based or sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault, and relating that movement to their sense of their own career opportunities and obligations.

The academy as safe space? Experiences of LGBT scholars and students at the intersection of equity and internationalization agendas
Funding: University Research Grants Committee (Social Sciences and Humanities Subcommittee)
Jubas, K. (2018). Equity and internationalization on campus: Intersecting or colliding discourses for LGBTQ people? Leiden, Netherlands: Brill | Sense.
Ensuring equity for LGBT Canadians on the road
Equity for everyone, everywhere: Unintended consequences of internationalization for LGBT scholars
Jubas, K., & White, M. (2017). Marketing equity: “Diversity” as keyword for internationally engaged post-secondary institutions. Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 39(4), 349-366.

Cultural constructions of health and citizenship: How American pop culture inserts itself into learning, debates and policies about Canadian healthcare
Co-investigator: Dr. Dawn Johnston, Communication and Cultural Studies, U of C
Funding: SSHRC Standard Research Grant
TV lessons for grown-ups: How pop culture teaches Canadians about healthcare and work
Jubas, K., Johnston, D. E. B., & Chiang, A. (2017). Public pedagogy as border-crossing: How Canadian fans learn about health care from American TV. Journal of Borderlands Studies, published online August 28, 2017.
Jubas, K., Johnston, D. E. B., & Chiang, A. (2014). Living and learning across stages and places: How transitions inform audience members’ understandings pop culture and health care. Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 26(1), 57-75.

Examining the social organization of undergraduate nurse employees: An institutional ethnography (co-investigator)
Prinicpal investigators: Dr. Janet Rankin, Nursing, U of C and Dr. Margaret Quance, Nursing, Mount Royal University, Calgary
Funding: Faculty of Nursing/Uof C Endowment Award & Mount Royal University

Be(com)ing an academic in the neoliberal academy
Co-investigator (as of September 2012): Dr. Jackie Seidel, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
Jubas, K., & Seidel, J. (2016). Knitting as metaphor for work: An institutional autoethnography to surface tensions of visibilty and invisbility in the neoliberal academy. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 45(1), 60-84.

Drama and comedy of professional learning: Culture as a source of learning for healthcare workers
Funding: University of Calgary Starter Grant & SSHRC Standard Research Grant
TV lessons for grown-ups: How pop culture teaches Canadians about healthcare and work
Jubas, K., Taber, N., & Brown, T. (Eds.). (2015). Popular culture as pedagogy: Research in the field of adult education. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
Jubas, K., & Knutson, P. (2013). Fictions of work-related learning: How a hit television show portrays internship, and how medical students relate to those portrayals. Studies in Continuing Education, 35(2), 224-240.

Politics of shopping: What consumers learn about globalization, identity, and social change
Funding: SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, Special UBC Graduate Scholarship & Dean of Education Scholarship
Jubas, K. (2010). The politics of shopping: What consumers learn about identity, globalization, and social change (International Institute for Qualitative Methodology series). New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1598746662


PhD (2009)
University of British Columbia

MEd (2004)
University of British Columbia

Master of Environmental Studies (1990)
York University

BA (Honours) (1984)
York University


International Institute for Qualitative Methodology Dissertation Award, 2009
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, 2006-2008
Dean of Education Scholarship, UBC, 2007
Special UBC Graduate Scholarship, UBC, 2004
Best Graduate Student Paper, Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, 2007
Coolie Verner Prize, Adult Education/UBC, 2004

Photograph of Kaela Jubas

Curriculum Vitae

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