Catherine Chua

Associate Professor

PhD Education

The University of Queensland, Australia

MA English

University of New South Wales, Australia

BA English and Literature

The Open University, United Kingdom

Diploma in TESOL

London Teacher Training College, Singapore

Diploma in Education

National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Contact information


Main Campus : EDT 912

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research areas

  • Change and innovation in higher education
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Educational leadership
  • Educational reform and policy
  • Global education
  • Globalization
  • Language policy and planning
  • Postcolonial/decolonial thinking in education
  • Teacher education


Dr Chua’s research focuses on educational policy and leadership studies. Her research interests include school leadership, language planning and policy, policy analysis, globalization and educational reforms, 21st century skills and competencies, language and culture, and critical discourse analysis.

Current Projects:

  • Developing 21 CC Classrooms through "Teacher Expertise": An Exploratory Study on Educators' Perceptions and Beliefs of the New Curriculum in Calgary, WSE Faculty Start-Up


Dr. Catherine CHUA was born and raised in Singapore. Catherine received her education in Singapore; she is married and has one son. In 2000, Catherine moved to Australia and completed her MA in English at the University of New South Wales, and PhD in Educational Studies at the University of Queensland. She returned to Singapore in 2006 and worked as an Assistant Professor with the National Institute of Education Singapore. In 2016, Catherine joined the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary where she teaches graduate courses in leadership and policy studies.

Professional & Community Affiliations

De Gruyter Open, series editor

The Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture & Education (CIRCE) Simon Fraser University, Academic Council 

Current Issues in Language Planning, Editorial Board Member

Language, Culture and Curriculum, Editorial Board Member


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  • The University of Queensland (UQ School of Education) Travel Support Grant (2012) The scheme provides funding to facilitate collaborative research between UQ and overseas scholars. The scheme offers financial assistance to scholars who have been actively engaged in research and are able to contribute substantially to research activities in the nominated UQ School/Centre/Institute.
  • Winner of the International Award for Excellence in the area of literacy and education (2010) Paper titled: Futuristic Schools: “Little Red Dot” Strategies in a Globalised Economy
  • The University of Queensland Confirmation Scholarship (2005) Currently known as University of Queensland International Scholarship (UQI) The UQI scholarships are awarded competitively, based on merit, to outstanding international students undertaking a research higher degree.