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Subrata Bhowmik

  • Senior Instructor


Dr. Subrata Bhowmik is a senior instructor at the Werklund School of Education where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. The primary areas of his academic interests are L2 writing and sociocultural approaches to L2 learning. Dr. Bhowmik's work has appeared in peer-reviewed scholarly journals such as TESOL Journal, Writing & Pedagogy, Language and Sociocultural Theory, and The Journal of Asia TEFL. He has presented his work at various international conferences, including the annual conferences of American Association for Applied Linguistics,  TESOL International Association, Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics, TESL Canada, Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing, and the Symposium on Second Language Writing.

Research & Scholarly Activity

Dr. Bhowmik’s research revolves around the social and cultural factors affecting second language learning. In particular, he is interested in how various social and cultural factors affect L2 writing. Currently, Dr. Bhowmik is working on projects that look into how L2 learners’ agency, identity and ideology affect their writing development, the conceptualization of a more inclusive approach to EAP instruction to deal with the diversity in the classroom as well as how teachers' agentive practices can be incorporated into the EAP writing classroom.


Arizona State University

Arizona State University

University of Dhaka

BA (Hons.)
University of Dhaka

Professional & Community Affiliations

Currently, Dr. Bhowmik is affiliated with the following national and international professional organizations.

  • TESL Canada
  • Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics
  • Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing
  • ATESL (Alberta TESL)
  • Asia TEFL


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  • ATESL Bursary for Conference Presentations (2016)—Alberta TESL
  • TESL Canada Travel Grant (2014)—TESL Canada Federation
  • Albert H. Marckwardt Grant (2012)—TESOL International Association
  • Graduate and Professional Student Association Travel Grant (2012)—Arizona State University
  • Graduate College Dissertation Fellowship (2011-12)—Arizona State University
  • TESOL Professional Development Scholarship (2011)—TESOL International Association
  • Marvin M. Fisher Book Award (Fall 2008)—Department of English, Arizona State University
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