Hetty Roessingh



University of Calgary, 1996


University of Calgary


University of Calgary

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Office: 403.220.6442

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Dual Language Project


Main Campus : EDT1040

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research areas

  • Bilingual/second language education
  • Early childhood education
  • English for academic purposes (EAP) curriculum design
  • Literacy
  • Pedagogical approaches in ESL/EAP teaching and learning environments
  • Second language teaching and learning
  • Second language acquisition (SLA)


Dr. Roessingh’s research focuses on the role of vocabulary and reading in the longitudinal academic outcomes of English as a second language (or, more currently, English language learners: ELLs) learners K – 12 and into university. Curriculum, materials design, and the development and use of online vocabulary profiling tools are among the current funded research projects.

Current Projects:

  • SSHRC ($103,432). 2011 – 2014. From high school to university: Academic language proficiency and the impact of intensive English for academic purposes: EAP programming for English language learners.
  • Alberta Employment and Immigration, Language Training Programs ($150,000). Language learning support for first-year post-secondary ELLs: Curriculum Design and Development.
  • Corpus linguistics: Investigating the development of academic literacy in Grades 4 – 6

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Roessingh offers her expertise to Alberta Education (ESL Avisory committee, AUA representative) and is active in a number of Charter schools that have high numbers of ELLs. Staff development, classroom based research, and engaging pre-service teachers in service learning opportunities are the focus of this work, with a goal of classroom level impact, and policy reform at the jurisdiction and Ministry levels.

  • Alberta Education, AUA representative on ESL Advisory Committee
  • Almadina Language Charter Academy
  • Westmount Charter School


Dr. Roessingh was born in Indonesia but immigrated to Canada with her family at a young age. She completed her BEd, MA and PhD at the University of Calgary between 1968 and 1996, and taught English as a second language at the high school level until 2000, when she joined the Faculty of Education at U of C.


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Dawn Seabrook de Vargas Award, ATESL Conference, 2011 Lifetime service award to the profession.