Krista Francis

Associate Professor


University of Calgary


Athabasca Univesity

BSC - Geology

University of Alberta

Contact information


Office: 403.220.7338

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Main Campus : EDT808

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research areas

  • Collaborative design of rich mathematical tasks
  • Learning sciences
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Mathematics education
  • Mathematics teaching and learning
  • Qualitative research using video
  • STEM pedagogy
  • Technology-enhanced learning environments


Dr. Francis’ research focuses on the emergent praxis of teaching and learning mathematics, drawing on embodiment discourses of enactivsm, spatial reasoning, and conceptual metaphor theory. 

Current Projects:

  • The intersection of math, spatial reasoning, and robotics programming: an emergent, multi-faceted study on how children learn through STEM education (SSHRC Insight Development Grant)
  • Discourses on learning in education (
  • Metaphors of learning in different languages (


Dr. Krista Francis, PhD (Calgary) is an Associate Professor in Educational Studies in the Learning Sciences. Dr Francis' research focusses on the conscious and critical application of theory in the teaching and learning of mathematics and STEM. Her research takes her into classrooms to engage with children in mathematics (and robotics) learning. More recently, her research is provoked by questioning what it means to learn and how how learning happens. Dr. Francis teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses at Werklund. She supervises graduate students in the Learning Sciences as well as serves on graduate supervisory committees. Dr. Francis also collaborates with teachers in designing professional learning of mathematics and technology. 

Professional & Community Affiliations

Dr. Francis’ interest in teacher professional learning of mathematics has lead her to collaborate with University of Calgary Partner Research Schools, including the Calgary Science School and Westmount Charter.  She is a member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Canadian Mathematics Educators Study Group (CMESG). Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), ASCD (formerly Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology and American Educational Research Association (AERA).


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Books and edited Special issue Journals 

  • Nicol, C., Francis, K., Glanfield, F. & Nowlan, K. (2020). Re-imagining the M in STEM: Mathematical Actions for Innovative, Resilient, and Culturally Rich Communities. Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 20(2). 
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Book Chapters

  • Francis, K. & Khan, S. (accepted). Syntonic Appropriation for Growth in Mathematical Understanding: An Argument for Curated Robotics Experiences. In Danesi M., Dragana, M., & Costa, S. (Eds.) Math (Education) in the Information Age. Springer.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

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