Oct. 17, 2018

Quick Chat: Cannabis in the classroom

Werklund School student explores the impact of marijuana legalization on education policy

The legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada as a result of the passing of Bill C-45 has led to alarm in some, celebration in others and confusion in many. And, while some view this move as a sign of the nation’s progressive nature, others question the impact it will have on different segments of the population.

School-age children are one group often brought up in the conversation. Hoping to make sense of the information and misinformation surrounding legalization led Werklund School of Education undergraduate student Daniel Walsh to carry out his own research into the implications of Bill C-45 on education policy.

Walsh, who is in the second year of the Bachelor of Education program, surveyed nearly 400 community members and interviewed teachers, principals and education trustees to better understand their opinions, perceptions and concerns.

In this Quick Chat, Walsh outlines the results of his research and recent regulation changes implemented by the Calgary Board of Education.