Olive Chapman


PhD - Mathematics Education

University of Toronto

MSc - Mathematics

University of Toronto

BSc (combined Honors) - Mathematics and Physics

York University

Contact information


Office: 403.220.5640


Main Campus : EDT606

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research areas

  • Mathematics education
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Mathematics classroom inquiry-based discourse for mathematical thinking
  • Mathematics students’ sense-making of mathematics
  • Mathematics teacher thinking, knowledge and learning/education
  • Metaphors and narratives as inquiry tools in mathematics teacher education


Dr. Olive Chapman research and publications focus on: prospective and practicing mathematics teacher thinking, learning, and change; mathematics knowledge for teaching; mathematical thinking, problem solving, problem posing and contextual/word problems; inquiry-based mathematics pedagogy, and inquiry-based discourse to facilitate mathematical thinking. She is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.


Dr. Chapman is Professor of mathematics education in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. She teaches mathematics education courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and supervises graduate students in mathematics education. She went to school in Toronto. She completed her MSc in mathematics and PhD in mathematics education at the University of Toronto. She taught post secondary mathematics and physics before joining the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary as a specialist in mathematics education.


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