learning series

Learning series and research

Learn more about existing research and be a part of creating new bodies of knowledge in this learning series. Registration is closed.

Learning series

April 3, 10 & 24

Today's students navigate complex societal issues while negotiating their social, cultural and linguistic identities. The University of Calgary and the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) have partnered to bring you a learning series designed to prompt thinking and enrich teaching practices by exploring: 

  • Multilingualism in education
  • Critical language awareness 
  • Translanguaging 
  • Culturally sustaining pedagogies 

These sessions are opened to teachers from all school boards in Calgary. Interested CBE teachers will also be invited to voluntarily participate in a research study and submit lessons for publication on the Shifting Linguistic Landscapes: A new terrain for multilingual and transcultural pedagogies website.


*Registration for the learning series is now closed.

Research study

Be a part of our voluntary research study!

This research study explores how university-community partnerships can support teacher capacity and agency to enact multilingual and transcultural literacies in the classrooms. All CBE teachers are eligible to be in this study, although it may be of particular interest to ELL, French immersion, and German, Mandarin and Spanish bilingual teachers. Participants will be a part of an online audio-recorded focus group and will complete a pre-and post-survey following the learning series. Participants will also be invited to submit their lesson plans for publication on our website!

This is completely voluntary. Teachers can participate in the learning series and conference and choose to be in the study or not. 

Learning Series Agenda

April 3


During this self-paced week of learning and reflection, participants will be provided with a resource bundle designed to introduce them to key concepts relating to multilingualism and transcultural pedagogies. 

April 10


10:00-11:00 AM Exploring research on multilingual and transcultural pedagogies 

Participants will engage in a lecture and interactive discussion with Dr. Rahat Zaidi and Dr. Umit Boz, addressing the intertwining of language, culture and identity, as well as language awareness, translanguaging and culturally sustaining pedagogies

Presenters | Dr. Rahat Zaidi, Dr. Umit Boz 

April 24


10:00-11:00 AM Inspiring lessons and school-based projects with case studies

Inspired by case studies from around the world, participants will design lessons and/or school-based projects and will be invited to publish their work on the Shifting Linguistic Landscapes website. 

Presenters | Dr. Rahat Zaidi, Dr. Umit Boz & Eve Moreau 


April 26


8:00 AM-2:30 PM Virtual Conference | Shifting Linguistic Landscapes 

The pre-conference learning series will culminate to a virtual conference- Shifting Linguistic Landscapes. This virtual conference will bring together internationally renowned scholars to share outstanding research on multilingualism and transcultural pedagogies while creating workshop style interactions between participants. Presenters include Dr. Ofelia Garcia, Dr. Gail Prasad, Dr. Marie-Paule Lory, Dr. Burcu Yaman Nteliouglou, Dr. Bonny Norton, Dr. Jacqueline D'warte, Dr. Patriann Smith, Dr. Guofang Li, Dr. Silvia Melo-Pfeifer, Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora, and Dr. Luciana C de Oliveira.