Body Image Research Lab

Body Image Research Lab

Lead and transform research about weight-related issues like body image, disordered eating, weight-related disorders and professional conversations and interactions about weight.

The Enigma of Weight

This short animation explores the complexities of weight. Our weight can change throughout our lives, and our perceptions of weight and those changes are influenced by multiple factors. Funded in part by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

Weight-Neutral Wellbeing in the School Setting

Weight is not a helpful or healthy focus for school-based health education or health promotion. There are numerous harms that can result when weight is measured or discussed in the school setting. Instead, we can take a weight-neutral approach to health and wellbeing. A Comprehensive School Health approach considers the multi-dimensional wellbeing of all members of a school community and relies on four inter-related components related to health education and health promotion. The Comprehensive School Health framework is a useful tool for considering how to ensure health is promoted from a weight-neutral perspective in the school setting. While each school will have its own specific needs to address, the following suggestions are recommended for creating schools where all students can thrive.

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