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Centre for Wellbeing in Education

Our Mission

The Centre for Wellbeing in Education is a multi-faceted, dynamic unit within the Werklund School of Education. Its primary mandate is to provide a centre of excellence in research, education and service through a coordinated holistic vision for the wellbeing of children, youth and transition-age youth (ages 4-25).

We offer high-quality psychoeducational assessments and interventions for children and adolescents through our Integrated Services in Education program.


Assessment Services

Psychoeducational assessment is an integrative process in which a psychologist collects information about a student's functioning in order to better understand the student's unique profile of strengths and needs.

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Intervention Services

Intervention services are specialized programs or instruction intended to help children who are struggling to succeed with the typical instruction and supports provided.

ISE Events


Professional Development workshops are for psychologists, teachers, and other professionals working with children and youth. Community Engagement opportunities are for parents, families, and other interested community members.

Resources & Community Supports for Parents and Children

Psychologists' Association of Alberta

PAA's mission is to advance the science-based profession of psychology and to promote the well-being and potential of all Albertans. 

Please visit their website for more information about finding a practitioner in your preferred area of town by filling out the referral search form.

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Helping First Nations Children: Jordan's Principle

Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle that aims to eliminate service inequities and delays for First Nations children. Jordan’s Principle states that any public service ordinarily available to all other children must be made available to First Nations children without delay or denial.

Our centre is a Jordan's Principle services provider!

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ACCESS Mental Health - Calgary Zone

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