Volunteer Opportunities

GPESA is always appreciative of volunteers who would like to lend their valuable time helping at our events, sitting on committees and aiding in general duties with the executive body.

Looking for a mentor? Want to be a mentor? Contact the Peer Mentor coordinator Aurélia Mir-Orefice at peermentorprog@ucalgary.ca, or visit the Peer Mentorship Program page.

If you are interested in getting more information on how you can help GPESA, please send us an email at gpesa@ucalgary.ca. Please title your email "Volunteer Opportunities".

Thank you in advance for your interest and support.

Role Description

EDSA Rep position are available for each of the 7 EDSAs within the Graduate Programs in Education, including: Adult Learning, Counselling Psychology, Curriculum and Learning, Language and Literacy, Leadership, School and Applied Psychology, and Learning Sciences.

EDSA Reps:

  • represent their respective GPE specialization and act as a liaison between the Membership and the Association
  • assist and participate in the planning, coordination, and execution of GPESA events, advocacy, and initiatives
  • organizing social, academic, or other events within the EDSA or with other EDSAs
  • organizing and/or facilitating research colloquium sessions with the Research Office
  • building and maintaining networking/communication through email lists, facebook groups, or other social media
  • meeting/communicating regularly with the EDSA chair to remain updated with EDSA events and news, and report to GPESA
  • sharing students' accomplishments (e.g. awards, publications, presentations) with the Werklund School of Education (e.g. through EDSA Chair's report to FEC)
  • attending EDSA meetings
  • advocating for EDSA perspectives at GPESA meetings and on School of Education or University committees

Online and Professional Programs Representative:

In addition to the above:
i. The Professional Program Representative is open to any Active Member who intends to remain an Active Member until the end of the usual term of office, and currently enrolled in an online professional program, either at the Master’s or the Doctoral level, in the Werklund School of Education, (e.g., MEd, MC, Ed.D.).

ii. The Professional Program Representative shall work with the GPESA Executive to advocate for, distribute and coordinate resources pertaining to academic success, student-life and professional development for WSE graduate students enrolled in online, professional programs.